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ESPN Fantasy Update: Erick Esillius OR How ever you spell his name


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This is the same guy who picked the bengals to go 14-2 and cowgirls to go 16-0, the guy has no clue

Well he can certainly forget about the bengals going 14-2. They will be lucky to be .500 and the cowpukes please they are going to lose to the Pats at home.

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Do some of you even understand how fantasy football works? Or are you using this to take lame cheap shots at the Skins because of one effing loss?

Clinton Portis has had a rushing TD in every game so far. That is very valuable in fantasy, and CP should be starting every week if you have him.

Jason Campbell is in the middle of the pack right now, but is solid as a number 2 QB in any fantasy league, especially since he throws for a TD in most every game.

Cooley is off to a slow start, but a lot of that is due to the injuries on the line. Once the right side of the o-line is more cohesive with the rest of the unit, you'll be seeing a lot more of Cooley. Regardless, he's still one of the best starting TE options in fantasy football right now.

Santana and El are iffy, but few receivers are guarantees every week in fantasy.

If you have a league that starts individual defensive players, Fletcher and Rocky are must haves. Landry has been consistently putting up points as well.

Bottom line, Esselius is talking out of his ass. It's a prime example of bias. Just because you don't think there is a huge amount of bias in the media, doesn't mean you have to ignore it when it comes along. I could understand if he was saying this about Miami, who's 0-4, but even they have Chambers and Green putting up okay points in fantasy football. In fact, every team has at least one player who is consistent enough to merit a starting spot in fantasy football. Esselius doesn't know what he is talking about. Shocker.

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My fantasy team is 1-3, because I'm loaded with Redskins. Fantasy wise, we stink.

I've got Campbell, Portis, Washington, and Landry. I'm 4-0.

Unless you've got a bunch more and are starting them every week, it's probably your other players on your team contributing to 1-3 also. Besides, one of the cardinal rules is not to draft more than 2 players from a team, offense or defense.

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