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Earlier this week I posted a thread asking people if anyone knew if there was a redskins bar around me. I randomly met a manager of a place called Davey Jones Locker in my town on friday night, and he said they were trying to turn it into a "redskins bar"

I showed up and WOW!!!! TONS of skins fans and everytime the skins score, they play the Fight song over the loudspeaker!!!! Since I moved to florida ive been dissapointed in the skins fanbase around here, but WOW im excited for the weeks to come!!!

Just thought Id share ...............HAIL!!! :cheers:

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I have no idea where Port Saint Lucie is, Florida is way too big for a guy used to Jersey. Anyway, I'm in the vicinity of Tampa with all the drunk Bucs fans and I am intrigued by the concept of a bar that plays the fight song, even if it might be 800 miles from Tampa but somehow still in the same state.

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