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(edited - pics added) 3 NFL-only jerseys for sale, Portis, Randel-El and Moss


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I have 3 available for sale. I purchased 5 when they were being sold. But I've lost a lot of weight and now they are knee-length dresses on me. I'm keeping my Cooley and Washington ones. But I'm interested in selling my Randel El, Moss and Portis. Moss is burgundy and the other 2 are white. Size 56. I haven't worn these at all. One still has the tags on. I may have worn the Portis one once around the house... I honestly don't remember. $65 a piece covers jersey plus priority shipping with delivery confirmation. (Don't worry... not giving up on the Skins.. gonna replace these with one retro 75th anniversary one :)

PM me if interested.

These jerseys are the ones referred to in this thread:


Note: Edited price... selling for what I paid; thought it was higher but went back and checked. :doh: Again, the $65 covers priority shipping with delivery confirmation.

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NFL-only jerseys are the ****.

That is your opinion and you have a right to it.. when natty found this guy last year, a bunch of us bought several from him. They are good quality jerseys and look great. I just don't need any dresses.. and I am keeping two of them to wear in the winter over coats and things.

I'm not the only one to have purchased these jerseys and love them.

Geesh... you'd think I was a FIlthy fan coming to sell an Eagles jersey or something...:doh:

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Thanks.... but...err.... uh.... ummm...

I'm um... of the female gender :D

But I'll take it as a compliment in a way... after all.. I love football and when I do post, I'd like to think I do so intelligently (as long as I don't need a younger generation fan to translate all the emoticons) :silly:

Geesh... I'm so sorry ...

Thanks for the clarification all... I would have gone on thinking someone was screwing with me here when I'm just trying to help someone out who might want the jerseys that didn't get a chance at them. I will know better in the future.


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