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Springs on Moss - any good?


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Moss is easier to press at the line than Plaxico. Moss is skinny, but quick. Assuming Springs doesn't whiff like Leon Hall did in press coverage last night on Moss's 2nd TD, we should be able to mess up their timing. I think Wes Welker & Donte Stallworth will be the problems because of all the attention we will be giving Randy Moss.

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look guys, I love the skins but their is no way in Hell the skins will win at NewEngland. NO Way, I'm getting tanked that day so I don't remember the game, if it was anything like the preseason game the skins will have property of NewEngland stamped on their behinds

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Springs doesn't have the quickness to keep up with Moss. He needs to press, and press hard. Just make sure Taylor isn't too far away.

I personally think Smoot would cover better than Springs anyway. And, I'm over Rogers.

I think I said too much.

I'm just upset with our pass-D, that's all.

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Umm it doesn't matter if he does or doesn't. We lose either way. If we shut him down it will be becuase all our attention will be towards him and then their other receivers will kill us. If we double team him we can probably keep his numbers down...

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