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aol sports: Who Is After Brian Griese on Bears Quarterback Carousel?


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Josh AlperPosted Sep 28th 2007 4:13PM by Josh Alper

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The Brian Griese era hasn't officially gotten under way but Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune isn't wasting any time looking for the next Bears quarterback. He's not talking about Kyle Orton either. No, Pompei's erupting with ideas about college quarterbacks, retired quarterbacks and everything in between as he searches for Griese's successor.

The college QB is Brian Brohm of Louisville but the Bears would have to really tank the rest of the way to be in a position to nab the best prospect at the position. On the older side Pompei posits the Bears taking a run at Jake Plummer, still retired and still the property of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While it would be great to see that super-fantastico beard back on sports pages nationwide the rest of Plummer's attributes don't do much to excite the senses.

Pompei mentions Tony Romo sits to pee but if the Cowboys don't resign him it will be because his arm falls off or Carrie Underwood does something to him before he cheats. And then there's a clutch of bad to worse quarterbacks who wouldn't be any better than what's already on hand. There are three intriguing possibilities, though.

If Daunte Culpepper proves healthy and able he would be a marked upgrade from Griese, Orton and Rex Grossman. He's easier to get than the other two plausible names on the list as well. Donovan McNabb could play and/or talk his way out of Philadelphia, although it's hard to picture so long as Andy Reid remains on the sideline, and he's Chicago born and bred. Chad Pennington is neither of those things but if he loses his starting job to Kellen Clemens the Jets would likely be willing to listen to offers of trade.

I think it's nice of the Chicago media to give Griese 48 hours of practice before they start rooting around for his replacement. It always warms the heart to see someone given a fair chance before passing judgement on his performance.

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