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Why do we still play Marty ball????!!!!

21 always

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Simple question : Why do we not throw deep ? Why is the team not aggresive??? Wtf I mean it makes no sense to me ....... Why do we play like were scared always???

If you can answer these questions... You too can be my personal hero and i will Kepp you on the sidelines when its First and goal also!

Bewildered Skins Fan ( I'm pretty sure i spelled that wrong)

Mondays suck after a loss ............

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Only Gibbs can face (about) the worst passing defense in the league and refuse to try and take advantage of it. Putting our heavy jumbo out near the goal line on the last 3 plays of the game was about the worst I have seen in a long time. All our TD scorers were on the bench. Yoder? Sellers? Thrash? Betts? 6 Lineman? On all 3 plays?

Gibbs treats Campbell like a baby and makes him throw 1 yard passes. It is obvious to anyone besides old Joe that JC does his best going deep. When will Gibbs learn that Moss can catch any deep ball thrown to him despite any coverage. He may even excel catching the ball in tight coverage.

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