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]Rup (Fairfax, VA): What do you think about the Skins chances aganist the Giants considering the track record over the last 2 years where the Skins come off a big win and choke aganis the Giants?

Matt Williamson: (12:04 PM ET ) They will blow them out. Skins win big. The wheels are officially off the Giants' wagon.


john, DC: matty, how do you think chris cooley will do against the giants d this week?

Matt Williamson: (12:04 PM ET ) Real well. He is an excellent player and Campbell really looks to him. If he gets matched against Kiwi-wow, Cooley will destroy that guy in coverage.


Kelvin (Dayton): How do you see the NFC East standings shaking out with Philly looking so poor?

Matt Williamson: (12:06 PM ET ) As a few of you probably know, I picked Philly to win the East and represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Wow-that doesn't look so great right now though! Still, I am not ready to discount them completely. All these teams have holes, but NYG is clearly the worst team in the division. Three horse race and Philly better enter the race quickly. The Skins look very solid and I think all three teams will eventually compete for a playoff spot. Gotta pick Big D with a gun to my head today though.


Aaron (Chapel Hill, NC): Matt, it does seem that winning cures all ills, as the Redskins now seem to be getting people's attention, but I'm still cautious. I want to believe that Gibbs has righted the ship, but we've had a rough go for the past decade or so, minus 2 years ago. Your thoughts?

Matt Williamson: (12:08 PM ET ) Yeah, they look much better. They finally have a QB. Campbell is going to be good. Very good. For now, he is simply an improvement. The thing that I keep coming back to with Washington is their overall depth. They already have two major OL injuries and it looks like they have been able to put a band-aid over those wounds, but this team cannot afford to take many more hits with injuries. Still, they have been pretty impressive.


Jake (Ft. Collins): How will Santana Moss do this week?

Matt Williamson: (12:10 PM ET ) Much like Cooley, he will blow up. Moss has just missed a couple of big plays this year. They will come.


Aaron (Chapel Hill, NC): As a follow-up on the O-line injuries, how long is Thomas supposed to be out? I'm no doctor, but a torn tricep cannot be good.

Matt Williamson: (12:12 PM ET ) I thought it was a season ender. Maybe I am wrong on that, but I gotta think that he is done. Any of you Skins' fans know for sure? Pretty sure it is over.


AB (CT): What will end up being the best defense in the division?

Matt Williamson: (12:13 PM ET ) Wash. I would have said Dallas before the season, but really think the Ferguson loss is substantial. Also, if Newman and/or Ellis are never 100%, that really makes it tough for their defensive play calling. Washington's back 7 is really tough.


Kevin (Manassas): Thomas will be in a cast for six weeks, and could miss 10-12 weeks. They are going to re-evaluate soon, and determine if they need to put him on IR, or if there is a chance he can come back late in the season.

Matt Williamson: (12:15 PM ET ) Nice work Kev. When I saw it happen, I just assumed that he was done, but then when asked about it now, I realized that I never saw that he went on IR. They did sign DeMulling, who isn't good, but at least has starting experience.


Jason, Charlotte: As a Skins fan, it is so nice to see them winning, even if it is not so pretty! Do you see this team continuing to get better on both sides of the ball?

Matt Williamson: (12:19 PM ET ) Pretty much. S Moss will make many more big plays than he has. Campbell will only get better. That secondary (esp Safeties) will get better and better.


John(Manhatten): Do you think Sean Taylor and Laron Landry will be more feared for their hard hitting or their playmaking abilities?

Matt Williamson: (12:23 PM ET ) Both. Those two are bad bad men. I guess their striking ability. Killers.


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