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San Francisco = Worst 2-0 Team in NFL History


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I can easily see them 8-8 or better. :fortune:

September 10# vs. Arizona W, 20-17

September 16 @ St. Louis W, 17-16

September 23 @ Pittsburgh 10:00 am (FOX)

September 30 vs. Seattle 1:05 pm (FOX)

October 7 vs. Baltimore 1:15 pm (CBS)

October 14 BYE

October 21 @ NY Giants 10:00 am (FOX)

October 28 vs. New Orleans 1:15 pm (FOX)

November 4 @ Atlanta 10:00 am (FOX)

November 12#* @ Seattle 5:30 pm (ESPN)

November 18* vs. St. Louis 1:15 pm (FOX)

November 25* @ Arizona 1:05 pm (FOX)

December 2* @ Carolina 10:00 am (FOX)

December 9* vs. Minnesota 1:05 pm (FOX)

December 15* vs. Cincinnati 5:15 pm (NFLN)

December 23* vs. Tampa Bay 5:15 pm (NBC)

December 30* @ Cleveland 10:00 am (FOX)

:helmet: The Rook

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The worst in HISTORY? I don't know about that. This season? Debatable. But I think NFL History is a tiny bit of a stretch.

They have the last ranked offense in the league after 2 games.

And of course I'm using a bit of hyperbole. My way of saying they can suck my balls.

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I actually think Denver gives them a run for their money as the worst 2-0 team. Last ditch FG at Buffalo, then a late timeout saved them from defeat vs Oakland.

Least deserving 2-0 in the sense that they could be 0-2 just as easily. I know tons of games cone down to one play or one call, but sheesh.

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I always think it's silly to call a team the worst 2-0 team in history, worst 3-0 team in history, etc. HISTORY is a long time. Unless someone is prepared to do the research and look up every team that EVER started 2-0, how can you make that claim? How do you know some team didn't start 2-0 and finish 3-13, say, 30 years ago?

People said we were the worst 3-0 team in history in '05, and it was absurd. We ended up 10-6 and won a playoff game. People say "worst" this or "worst" that, I guess to sound bold, but it's become cliche and has almost lost all meaning.

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I wouldn't sleep on the 49ers this year. Pretty underrated defense Nolan's built there through the draft and some careful free agency moves, Frank Gore is pretty good, and Arnaz Battle is a pretty tough, speedy reciever who can block really well. Sure they got beat today by the Steelers, but a) the Steelers are likely going to be Super Bowl contenders again this year, and B) that game was pretty close until several key plays changed it completely in a matter of a few minutes for the Steelers late in the game. For most of the game it was a battle of field position and relatively low scoring action.

49ers only real problem is that their pass protection sucks and Alex Smith still makes some dumb decisions, but if they can get that on track over the course of the season they could very well contend for a wild card, or maybe even the NFC West title since that division's so spotty right now. I'm not gonna bash them anyway after the way we folded to the Giants, at least I've seen the 49ers come up with a big goal line play to win a game this year, on national TV no less.

Plus they were able to trade us Brandon Lloyd for draft picks.

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aren't they forced to forfeit their 1st round pick as a punishment for getting caught cheating?

They forfeit their OWN 1st round pick. The punishment doesn't apply to the 49ers first rounder, which the Patriots happen to possess. I have no recollection of how the Pats got their hands on that pick, but one way or another they have it.

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