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Sounds like "Survivor", doesn't it?

It is. The NFL version.

Specifically, the 2007-08 Washington Redskins' version.

Last night in Philly, the Washington Redskins did what any good "survivor" does.....they outwitted, outplayed and ultimately outlasted the Eagles. The result was another check in the win column and the growing respect of the football world. Football is often about all three of those abilities. Often, a team can accomplish one or two of them and still lose the game. The Redskins, frankly, have been a prime culprit of that over the last fifteen years. But, last night - perhaps - we may have turned a corner.

Jason Campbell managed the game. He controlled the tempo and made the plays when it mattered most...particularly on third downs. I was upset at the team for not closing out the game in the third quarter when the Eagles were visibly reeling...it started to feel like games gone by when we'd leave points on the field and let the game get away from us. But, in the end, we outlasted them anyway....getting the "W" and putting to bed a great number of those demons that have so haunted us over the years.

The running game, kept under wraps for the most part, still was able to grind out 130 yards. The passing game, while not exemplary, did what it had to to keep drives alive and you just KNOW that a few weeks down the road Campbell hits Santana in stride to drive the stake into the opposing teams' heart and put the game away.

The defense was solid...bending but not breaking. They were flying all over the field. In games past, we've all seen Westbrook break both tackles and hearts....but last night - just as he seemed to be slipping out of someone's grasp - another Redskin would come swooping in and make the tackle. Be it Rocky, Fletcher, Taylor...they found a way to get it done. Laron Landry, for me, earned his season's worth of salary on one play....jarring the ball from Curtis' hands and thus ending the final threat.

And let's not overlook the kicking game which was as steady as you could ask for. Frost was steady and Suisham is quickly becoming an afterthought....drilling kicks down the middle of the uprights like it's a no-brainer....which is exactly what we've missed for a very long time. No thinking necessary. Missed the third down play? Oh well.....let's just drill the three and move on.


I liked what I saw....not necessarily the prettiest win....but a win nonetheless. Take the tough, ugly wins..gain confidence, gain experience, gain rhythm, gain momentum. Nobody will remember how close or ugly they were at the end of the season....just whether or not they got there.

I'm not discounting or looking past the Giants next week. I don't know how anybody COULD the way this season's been shaking down all around the league so far. Losers are winning and winners are losing. I can't keep track. We just have to continue on with the master plan and keep building on these oh-so-promising blocks.

Andy Reid took some of the blame last night...he says, for not putting his players in a position to succeed. I think our coaching staff is learning how to do just that....to give our players the tools they need to perform to their highest level. Now, at long last, the Redskin coaches seem to be getting straight on how to outwit the opposition. The players, for their part, seem to be starting to figure out how to outplay. The challenge now is to figure out how - as a team - to stay the course, work together and outlast the rest of the NFL.

It's a long season......but it's a promising beginning.


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Great post. Let's hear it for the secondary, BTW. They stuck to the plan, and made McLoser go underneath all night long. They didn't complete one long bomb, and never got into the endzone. We got three sacks, and two of them (the MW one and the Rocky one) were coverage sacks. Finally, they won the game for us in the form of Landry knocking the ball loose on Philly's last drive.

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The defense played as a whole unit. The line and the LBs kept things tight....the secondary shut them down. The coverage created the time necessary for the line to get pressure on McNabb. Overall, it was a great scheme and the defense played complimentary roles. I'm happy about the sacks...the turnovers will certainly come. Patience......(I keep telling myself).


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Damn that old Al Davis, but he had it right: Just win, baby. Whatever it takes in any given week; offense, defense, special teams, luck. Just as losing begets losing, winning begets winning.

There is momentum to be had in these early weeks ... some teams will catch the wave, others will get caught in the undertow.

Think the difference between 2-0 and 0-2 isn't huge? The stats are easy enought o look up. It's the "feel" I'm more interested in that the moment, both in the locker room and in the general "vibe" about the team. Check out an Eagles board this week to see what I mean. They're convinced their team is not only the fat old guy who barely makes the beach, but also lost his hat in the surf. That bald head ain't gonna do well in the tropical sun.

Nicely conceived and crafted, sir. And no one had to eat bugs.

I like it. :)

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That was a good article, I really enjoyed that.

Much like the 2005 season, the Defense will have to carry us through most of the battles this year, but I do think that the offense will really start to come around towards the middle of the season, and we will really become a team to be reckoned with, especially if we can get our offensive line injuries taken care of.

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