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*Earth to ESPN* More game - less Barkley.


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Great point/ Post! wasn't that rediculious!? wait, maybe if the iggles were winning then covrage would have been different.

That was out of line IMO, the whole 3rd quater? and i loved how EVERYONE on espn picked the iggles, (except Tom Jackson) to win!

BTW ESPN comintators (EX Cowgirls players n coach!) :eaglesuck SO do you and your SH*TTY organizations!

Congradulations !!! Berman, Emmit, Parcells, ME shawn, Young, Stuart Scott, Jaworski, Tirico, (I might have missed one) You Azzholes, The WASHINGTON REDSKINS won, oh hey! btw the Iggles are as bad as the Giants!

(( NOTE: in that list of ESPN host, EX Cowpatty players n coach, Ex Iggles players )) no wonder why they picked the Iggles, now i thought they had to be biased on a National sports show?

ESPN SUCKS! so does their Monday Night Football covrage!!! :doh:

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They do this every game...spend the ENTIRE third quarter with a "booth interview" and just about ignore the game going on.

I told my wife in the first half that they were going to do it (because they do it EVERY GAME) and she was amazed when they did it. 1) Because I predicted it and 2) Because it is SO stupid.

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Sonny and Sam are worse on the actual announcing aspect of a football game... But at least their 'Skins fans.

Barkley actually made Jaws and some others really concentrate on giving information to the audience, he asked questions and got answers. Now, if only they were about the game at hand and not New England.

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