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Gameball: LaRon Landry with the game clinching hit

Gameball: coaching staff for perservering with the run

Gameball: JC for a great game on a national stage on the road

Gameball: Andy Reid for calling timeout to ice the kicker

Gameball: the O-line for another decent game of protection

Goofball: Everyone on offense who moved early. Get yo biz together gentlemen.

Goofball: McNabb for being very inaccurate tonight

Get Well: Randy, we need you down the stretch buddy


I would have guessed a 24-16 Philly win. Crow taste good when it's washed down with a tall glass of Redskins win!!! YUM!!!!

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The Good:

- Portis looked good again. The OL wasnt opening huge holes but they were OK and Portis made the best of them. That screen pass to Betts was nice as well.

- Campbell showed poise again and a lot of potential. I loved him picking up some crucial yards with his legs. Had a couple really nice passes.

- The OL. Theres some backups in there but they are still playing well, especially protecting Campbell.

- The secondary. They blanketed Philly's WRs for the most part.

- Swishy and Frost were money again.

The Bad:

- Kickoffs. The kicks were short and the coverage was shaky. Hopefully that gets cleared up.

- Campbell needs to work on his accuracy a bit. The INT and the missed deep ball to Moss CANNOT become trends. Those were pretty bad.

- The defense needs to stop giving up so many free yards to RBs out of the backfield.

The Ugly:

- Randy Thomas. Please get well soon buddy. Jason Fabini is scary as a long term starter. He's not even a guard.

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Did Campbell get sacked tonight? I don't know if I missed one, but if he didn't the O-Line was protecting very well. Run blocking, eh, not so much.

yes, once, but infinitely better than Spurrier's protection in 2003.

for the preseason I picked us to go 9-7 and this was one of the seven losses I chalked up. To beat a division opponent ON THE ROAD is so huge!!!!

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