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DO: McNabb knows how to beat Redskins


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McNabb knows how to beat Redskins

Eagles' eight wins over Washington in past five years top NFC East rivalries

PHILADELPHIA -- Down in the dumps from that pathetic, season-opening loss to Green Bay?

Not to worry. The Redskins are here.

In the Andy Reid regime, you'd never hear an Eagles coach, player or any organizational rep dare speak about any opponent with such brazen confidence, but consider the recent history of these NFC East rivals.

In the last 10 meetings, the score is Eagles 8, Redskins 2 -- and let's remember those two losses, one with Mike McMahon at quarterback, came in the abysmal 2005 season.

When Donovan McNabb is healthy, he's the guy who makes Redskins coach Joe Gibbs reach for his No-Doze at night.

"I'd say that the guy in the league that has probably given us the most trouble, if you pick one player, I'd say it would be Donovan," Gibbs said.

"He's made more big plays, he scrambles out of the pocket. We can't get him down. I'd say honestly that he's the player that's played the best against us of any single player in the league."

Whether it's McNabb's playmaking or Jim Johnson's defense, the Eagles' record over the 'Skins the past five years is also a microcosm of the how the division has unfolded.

Among all four NFC East teams, the Eagles have the best division record in that span at 21-9, winning at a 70 percent clip. Not surprisingly, the Birds have won the division four times in the past five years.

Washington, on the flip side, has the division's worst record since 2002. The Redskins have won just nine division games and lost 21, losing 70 percent of their NFC East games. They haven't won the NFC East since 1999, Reid's rookie year as coach, and they were only 10-6 that season.

The Giants are 17-14 since 2002, second-best in the division, followed by the Cowboys at 14-17.

The Birds' 8-2 record against Washington is the best record of any NFC team versus another division rival in the past five years. The Eagles' 7-3 record against the Cowboys is tied for second best with the Giants' 7-3 record against Washington.

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Although I hope the trend continues, it's ludicrous of the author to not recognize the Skins, until Gibbs, have not had continuity at coach or QB. Can't win when your coach, philosophy and QB are changing every year.

I can almost gaurantee that Andy & Co. are not taking this game lightly, especially because it's a home divisional game. It's as close to a must-win as a team can have, for the Eagles, this early in the season. Not to mention, I'm sure the Defense wants to try and prove they can actually tackle a RB, as compared to last season.

As an Iggle fan, I'm nervous about this game b/c McNabb is still not the "old" McNabb yet and I wonder how long it will take until he looks comfortable back there throwing. He's got to have a good game for them to win tonight because GW is going to take the running game out of it, at least early on.


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I don't know the Packers defense was giving McNabb and that line problems' date=' I don't think the eagles will blow the skins out of the water. Its all up to Campbell b/c the eagles' D will stack the line and let campbell pass.[/quote']

I agree with you, but I also think that will come back to haunt them with Lito Sheppard out. Even if they double up Moss, ARE showed last week that he's more than capable of being the playmaker whenever he wants to.

I kind of like the way this season is shaping up. We're in our usual David vs. Goliath position according to every media outlet I've seen. I just don't think anyone realizes how good David actually is this year; especially defensively.

I like the underdog role, and I know Joe Gibbs does too. It's time to start turning this trend with the Eagles around; a la Dallas in 2005.

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what a douche. trying to be funny? if mcnugget causes Gibbs to LOSE sleep why would he take a "no doze" caffein pill at night? dumbass. hardy har har. anyone that raises "the last 5 years argument" has live in the now issues. between the lines it sounds like this fool fears his team may suck this year.

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This defense has more speed than what we have had in the rescent past. If the only thing we have to go on is the past, why play? This Eagle team is facing a 0-2 start in front of the home fans against a team that nobody believes can win. Let them think were an easy win, then watch them cry. I think London Fletcher and Rocky McIntosh will have something to say about the outcome of this game.

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NOW is the time for us to beat X 2, :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck this season~the three other teams in our division............and, it will be interesting to see if McNabb is as fast "out of the pocket" as he was before his knee surgery........................

All Jason has to do is :read: their plays and then re:writing: the outcome! GO SKINS!

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