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Per 980: Shawn Springs expects to start

Drunken Master III

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Color me less than shocked. I pretty much called this in the threads where people were having nervous breakdowns over the prospect of Springs being the nickel CB all season.

He'll pull a hammy on the 1st play and everyone will ask why did they rush him back.

No doubt. Some people just hate our staff, period. Nothing you can do about it.

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Maybe he needed an attitude adjustment. Gibbs would never address that in public. Shawn plays all , "I don't know what's happening", when he really knows exactly what is happening. He straightens out his 'tude and is now on the same page as Gibbs. Just a theory.

What is this "tude" he has? OK, so he's not a "core Redskin," but he plays like one when he takes the field. Who cares if he's a starter or not, as long as he's in for 16(+) games.

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