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I know that I'm a Redskins Fan ...


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So I'm at my desk, doing work, creating stock numbers for new frames that I'm bringing into our stores. I'm putting the information into the system and I see that the cost of the item is $3.40.

What instantly comes to mind? I see Mark Brunell standing at the line of scrimmage screaming, "Green 40! Green 40!"

I couldn't help but laugh.

Yeah ... I'm a Redskins fan.

Anyone else have moments like this that non Skins fans wouldn't understand?

***There. Fixed.

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Not really the same, but anytime someone is wearing a combination of silver and blue, I avoid them all day. At first I didn't realize I was doing it, it was just subconscious. :laugh:

Even when I'm on the job I tell them they're an ugly sight. "That is one ugly hat/jersey/...etc."

Hopefully some dallass fan won't complain to management ;).

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