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A Few More ES Tailgate Pics...Thanks Huly


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man, that tailgate looks awsome. me and my friends were in the purple lot tailgating right by where comcast net show was going on.

question. does anybody know a good sports bar to watch redskins and eagles this monday? me and couple of my friends from work are trying to find a place where the atmosphere is good and lots of rredskins fans.

Im in Springfield VA.

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And that would be me sir. Sorry we didn't have a chance to talk alot. It was a fun damn tailgate though, (go figure ;) ). And nice pics. :) ( Noticed my second most common pose. Talking. :doh: ;) ).

Great seeing you again. Hope to see you at a few more games. Keep the pictures coming and let us know if you ever set up a website to sell them through.

Cool pics, SR.

It was great to see you and the wife again.

You just gave me the hebejebees. That's my sister. :D

Wife? I thought Ken's sister always came.

Great pics. Seems everyone has great camera's now a days.

You are correct, sir. See you and HSF at the next tailgate.

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