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Officer Accused Of Bragging Online About Using Taser Gun

Leonard Washington

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what an idiot for doing it and then bragging about it! :doh:

i'm glad he got caught though. its a shame that guys like this give honest cops a bad name.

there's more info in the link http://www.kptv.com/news/14065232/detail.html

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into allegations that a local corrections deputy bragged about using a Taser gun on people in an Internet chat room.

FOX 12’s news partner, the Portland Tribune, was the first to break this story. Now, authorities at the Justice Center Jail want to know if the same deputy, identified as David B. Thompson, also filed a false police report to cover up the beating of an inmate.

Lt. Jason Gates of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said he is appalled at the alleged online comments of the county corrections officer.

According to Gates, Thompson used a county work computer to play the online video game “City of Heroes” while on the job and then boasted about the joy he gets hurting people in jail in the chat room.

According to the Portland Tribune article in Friday’s newspaper, the deputy, using the screen name Trafalgar, said, “Seeing someone get Tasered is second only to pulling the trigger. That is money – puts a smile on your face.”

In another chat, the Tribune article claimed the deputy said, “I crushed a dude’s eye socket from repeatedly punching him in it and then I charged him with menacing and harassment (of me). He took a plea to get away from me. He shoulda picked somebody else to try and fight.”

“All we have is public trust. What does that do to our public trust? It destroys it,” said Lt. Jason Gates.

Gates said the eye socket incident matches a case from 2005, where Thompson claimed an inmate attacked him. Gates said a criminal investigation has been launched to see if the deputy lied in the initial police report.

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When is the last time you saw anyone that got beat up by a cop not charged with assaulting or doing something towards the cop? It's how they cover their asses... they can always have the DA agree to drop charges if they promise not to sue or make a formal complaint.

Most cops are good "people" but the way the system of policing has changed over the years is bad IMO. It feels like it's built to treat civilians like prison inmates. Anything done other then immediately obey a cop and there is no telling what will happen to you. I've been threatened for failing to immediately produce my ID when getting pulled over.

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pretty simple solution to that "problem."

people not wanting to obey authority doesn't stop w/ cops. substitute "teacher" for cop, or any other position of authority.

Teachers deal with children most of the time, there is an entire different relationship there. Adults aren't kids. In college it's very rare to find a prof that is such a lunatic that he explodes if his instructions aren't followed without question. Questions are the norm in college for pretty much everything.

If my boss says "call this guy" and I say "why?" I'm not tazered for daring to ask a question. Nor am I tackled and screamed at like some common criminal. We'd all prefer that people did exactly what we say when we say it - but in ANY OTHER human relationship outside of the military it's considered amazingly disrespectful to treat people like that.

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