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Andy Polin said that Larry Michael used to be a Dallas fan


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Who was listening to the Sports Reporters yesterday when Andy Polin said that Larry Michael used to be a Cowboys fan?

Andy said this in the 5:00 segment and Czabe sounded surprized to learn this. Andy didn't actually drop Larry's name, but he made reference to him and Czabe confirmed the initials "LM".

Does anyone have any evidence to confirm this potential trator?:mad:

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That makes more sense.

I always wonder about that when you see that Gene Wong guy from the WP on TV. He's an out loud and proud Dallas fan. But, seems to be pretty even about their current team.

This Wong guy is an idiot. He gets so excited when you mention the Pukes. His eyes shut and I think he has a gasm

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Who is your daddy? And what does he do?


That's awesome.

As for Larry, who cares? He covers the skins and seems to enjoy it. I can't imagine Shawn Springs likes the 'skins too much...His dad was a cowboy, he seems to be a good CB for our team. Larry is pretty good at what he does (minus game coverage), even if his "Important updates" sometimes fail to live up to the hype.

EDIT: I agree with Bryan81, bring back Frank!

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He actually was talking about his producer at Sportstalk 980 at first, then he mentioned that Larry Michaels was a Cowboy fan also.

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who interpreted the "LM" to be Larry Michael.

I understood that they were talking about another person at 980 b/f they mentioned the "LM" individual, whomever he may be.


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This thread just gives me the opportunity to nce again say BRING BACK FRANK HERZOG!!!! His "Tochdown Washington Redskins" is classic & he can actually call a game & make it interesting - a skill Larry has yet to demonstrate.

Agree with you 120 percent ... Larry Michael could never hold a candle to Frank Herzog when it came to calling a Redskins game on the radio. Herzog made you feel like you were right there on the field.

Yes, Herzog was a homer but he was also critical of the team when he needed to be. I've tried listening to Michael but it's boring and droll.

BTW, Frank Herzog is currently part of the WTOP News broadcast team. The link is http://www.wtopnews.com


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