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Rocket hits Sleeping Israeli soldiers...


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Oh boy, here we go again...

At least 66 wounded in Kassam attack on Zikim military base

JPost.com Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 11, 2007

At least 66 soldiers were wounded after one of two Kassam rockets fired by Palestinians on Monday night landed in an IDF basic training camp. On Tuesday morning, another rocket was fired into Israel, landing in a Sha'ar Hanegev Council community causing no casualties.

Monday night's rocket struck inside the Zikim military base, located one kilometer north of the Gaza Strip, at approximately 1:30 a.m. The Kassam landed next to a tent in which a group of soldiers were sleeping. Another rocket, which landed in an open area in the western Negev, caused no casualties.

The severity of wounds received by the troops varied, most of them lightly wounded. At least 30 soldiers were wounded from the impact of the explosion or by shrapnel; the remainder was suffering from shock. The victims include both male and female soldiers.

All of the wounded were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, Soroka Hospital in Beersheba and Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer. By 6 a.m., 21 of the soldiers evacuated to hospital overnight were discharged.

Barzilai Hospital opened a hotline following the attack. The public is invited to call 1255171 for information.

Thirty ambulances were alerted to the scene, south of Ashkleon, where they are accompanied by two helicopters responsible for evacuating the wounded.

Two Palestinian groups claimed responsibility for the attack - the Nasr Salah al-Din Brigades, the Palestinian Resistance Committee's armed wing, and the

Islamic Jihad. A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad said the firing of the Kassam rockets was a response to IDF action in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip of late.

The IDF, who confirmed the attack, said that the rockets were fired from Beit Hanun. According to reports early Tuesday morning the IDF attacked a target in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israel Radio reported that although no formal statements were made, a number of cabinet ministers said that there would definitely be a military response to the attack. "Long ago, several years ago, we should have responded strongly...In the end we will have no choice but to act," Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai told Army Radio on Tuesday morning.


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A Hamas spokesman praised Tuesday's rocket attack on an Israeli army base, calling it a "victory from God."

"We consider this a victory from God for the resistance," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said on Hamas radio. "We consider the resistance as the legitimate right of the Palestinians to defend themselves and restore their rights."

The rocket strike, which wounded dozens of soldiers, was carried out by two smaller militant groups in Gaza, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees. Although Hamas was not directly involved, Israel has said it holds the group responsible for attacks out of Gaza because it rules the area.

I believe the above is an Act of War by definition now that Hamas is the elected government of the Palestinians. At this point there is no hiding behind the fact that Hamas is just a group doing whatever it wants.

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Israel will respond, then the arab street and antisemites around the Islamic Gov't Nations and U.N. will cry out for Israel to stop oppressing muslims. Israel will stand down under the pressure and agree to not retaliate any further, then a few months from now we'll do it again.

Fixed that for you.

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JPost.com » Israel » Article

Sep 11, 2007 9:27 | Updated Sep 11, 2007 9:27

Right wing demands military action


The Zikim attack widened the gap between right- and left-wing Knesset members, who have become increasingly polarized over how Israel should handle the new Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip.

Medics tend to a wounded soldier after arriving at Barzilai hospital in the coastal city of Ashkelon.

Photo: AP

While MKs from the right-wing parties - Israel Beiteinu, Likud, Shas and the National Union-National Religious Party - demanded harsh military action in the Gaza Strip, Labor and Meretz called for patience and said the government should not abandon the diplomatic process. Kadima's leadership also shied away from a military response, with Vice Premier Haim Ramon calling for Israel to cut off electricity and other supplies to Gaza.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said, during a meeting with her French counterpart, Bernard Kouchner: "We need to use other means, not only military ones, in the Gaza Strip. But we need to say the truth, that other means will not stop the Kassams."

Meanwhile, during his meeting with Kouchner, opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu called for a decisive military operation in the Strip. "If the government ultimately decides to order such an action, even though it is late in the game, it will receive our full backing."

Earlier in the day, Shas chairman Eli Yishai said Israel had no choice but to respond with force. "The Kassam rockets are a result of the disengagement and there is no choice but to act. The red line has been crossed," Yishai said.

NU-NRP MKs were also quick to draw a link between Israel's unilateral pullout from Gaza in 2005 and the subsequent Hamas takeover there.

If we don't carry out a second Operation Defensive Shield today, the threat will be much greater tomorrow," said Uri Ariel.

His colleague, Arye Eldad, added that Israel must resettle the Gaza Strip to prevent Hamas getting even stronger.

Source: Jerusalem Post


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