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THe Worst Person in the Wooooooooooooorld!!!!!!!!


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I didn't see the clip, but I don't give John "there is a War on Christmas" Gibson, John "make more babies" Gibson much credibility. And I'm sure the same thing could be done for the right :rolleyes:

It's not about Gibson. Anyone could have put that clip together. It's about Osama's speechwriter.

Or is that Obermann's speechwriter?

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Sarge, why do you hate AMerica? Why do you hate freedom? Keith (Big Hunk of Man) Olbermann is only exercising his Constitutional right to free speech, (something the Bush/Hitler and draft dodger Cheney don't understand) Keith is a freedom fighter, unlike Bushis who is working every day to take rights away from the real AMerican people like Osama...........er........uh.......Keith.
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