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Trying again. Surge vs GAO rept.


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The surge is to provide a atmosphere conducive to progress on the goals addressed in the GAO.

Have the GAO goals been met ?...NO

Is the surge working ...Yes

Compare the timing of the surge being fully implemented and and ask yourself has there been enough time for results to be made on the political side.(you know the ones on recess for a month?)

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It's not too hard tell they are not the same thing...

The "surge" is a military offensive.

The GAO Report is a piece of paper that reports on the important benchmarks we have set for Iraq to regain its own governance.

To put it in football terms, a football game is not the same as an article in the Washington Post reporting on that game.

Got it?

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Is PART of the GAO rept a rept on the surge?

As I understand it, the GAO is a rept on the Iraqi's progress.

The Surge, or more importantly Patreus' report on the Surge, deals with progress made by our military.

I understand that they are both part of the bigger picture in Iraq, but on their face, arent they completely different?

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I thought I would share another report commissioned by Congress,in case anyone is interested.


An independent commission created by Congress said Thursday that U.S. forces in Iraq could give a larger role to the Iraqi Army by early next year, if the Iraqi forces continued to improve. But the panel warned that it would be 12 to 18 months before the Iraqis could take full control of the country's security.

Congressional Democrats expressed immediate skepticism, saying in a hearing that they feared the Bush administration would selectively use this, parts of other recent reports and much-awaited assessments due from senior U.S. officials in Baghdad next week - including a major congressional briefing Sept. 11 - as part of a campaign to press for still more patience.

"The progress of the Iraqi Army is certainly real," said the report by a panel of retired senior military and police officers. "The strategic implications of such continuing successes are encouraging. Coalition forces could begin to be adjusted, realigned and re-tasked as the Iraqi Army is able to take on more responsibility for daily combat operations," possibly starting "in early 2008." It called this a "possible and prudent" course.

General James Jones, the retired commandant of the Marine Corps and former NATO commander who headed the commission, described "impressive" but "uneven progress" by Iraqi forces, and "dramatic results" for coalition forces in Anbar Province. There, he said, the changing loyalties of tribal leaders effectively meant that 35,000 to 40,000 fighters once supporting Al Qaeda were now backing the coalition.

more at the link

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