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USA Today: Chat Redskin Tidbit 9-6


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Silver Spring, MD: What's da business, L Weezy? I love the smell of football in the morning, Ole Great one. Are you ready for some football? First question of the 07' season is, do my Redskins have a chance to make it far this season? Second question is, who the HELL told Clinton Portis he doesn't have to play a down in the preseason like he's LT? Well, L Weezy good to have you back chatting this season and of course I'll be listening to you on 980. OUT! Erick

Larry Weisman: Erick, you are a piece of work. Thanks for calling in all the time on 980 (WTEM, Washington, DC). Steve, Andy and I love having you. ... I don't understand who made Clinton Portis assistant head coach in charge of guys who don't feel like practicing or playing, but you know the Redskins. They have a coach for everything (except Ws). Even though the schedule is fairly favorable, I am having a hard time figuring how the Redskins get past 8-8. If they sweep the Giant of New York, maybe 9-7. Maybe. But I don't see it, and I don't see the playoffs. Thanks for coming around, E. Seeya

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