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Roll Call! Fall In! Army 10 Miler is a Month away!!


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Hey all you running ES types. I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone who is doing the 10 miler next month- hows the training going, what do you expect to run, want to meet up before/after the race???

As for me- the training is going okay- I'm not too confident of my stamina right now- I've done three runs of over 8 miles, including the Quantico 15K+ (more like a 9.75 mile run) and need to continue to build it up a bit more. My speed is fine for a race of this distance- for fun I went to the local track to time myself for a relaxed, but hard mile- I ran a 6:12 pretty comfortably, in trainers and with Ipod on- much faster than my goal race pace 7:10-7:20 per mile.

the 15K at quantico I was running along quite well at 7:25 pace, until I hit the killer hill I wasnt expecting, I went through 5K at 22:54, 10K at 47:00... and then had a horrible last third of the race, finishing in 1:16- almost a 30:00 minute last 3.5 miles YIKES.

After much vacationing, traveling, beer drinking, I put on a few pounds I'm trying to shed before the race- hopefully that'll make that last 4 miles seem a bit easier!!

Good luck to all!!


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