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Early Picks for Inactive List (Brunnel...


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1.Mark Brunnel- (But will dress for Emergency) :doh:

2.Shaun Bodiford

3.Cody Boyd

4.Marcus Mason

5.Jason Fabini

6.Lorenzo Alexander

7.Leigh Torrence

Honorable mention:

Ryan Boschetti

Chris Wilson

Vernon Fox

What do you think? Does this look about right for our 1st Week of Inactives against the Dolphins?

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If the Redskins go into the season without making any other moves, for a WR or TE, Bodiford and Boyd will be dressing. The Redskins will need five receivers for most games, although Cooley and Betts/Portis can split wide. You could be right there, but not for TE, where the team runs two TE sets fairly often as well, which means if one guy goes down, we're sunk. So, Boyd will be out there.

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Ill have to agree with the OP, the 5th WR and 3rd TE will not be dressing. We wont need a 5th WR(or even 4th in most cases) with Cooley, and Sellers can fill in on any two TE sets in case of injury(since the only 2 TE sets that will actually use a FB will be goalline and short yardage, and Pucillo will be the TE in those anyway).

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Torrence is definitely on the active roster. He is our new gunner on special teams. I see Heyer, Alexander, Blades, Brunell, Mason, Heyer, Fabini, and Doughty as guys who will often be on the inactive list. Oh yeah, also those two new guys we got.

idk, Blades is a solid player on teams and a backup at every LB position, I can't imagine him not dressing...







Brunell or Collins


That would be my projected inactive list for at least week 1.

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