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In response to "5 reasons the Giants will win the NFCE"

Kosher Ham

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Tell me what you think. I don't mind brutal criticism either.

5 Reasons the Redskins will win the NFC East :

1. The Redskins defense seems invigorated and back to the form I expect under Coach Williams. The addition of LaRon Landry just makes the secondary that much more dangerous. A healthy Springs, Prioleau with the addition of Smoot should be a formidable secondary. Let's not forget the FA acquisition of London Fletcher-Baker, the maturation of Rocky McIntosh and Golston, and the second year within the scheme... DE Andre Carter. I could go on and on about the D but alas, I need a second point.

2. Jason Campbell. We all know that Brunell was brought here as a stop gap until a future leader of the team was found. Is Campbell that leader ? Only time will tell. For now we know that Campbell and the coaching staff are all comfortable with the progress that he has made over the past year+ of learning the massive playbook. Campbell seems very poised and confident despite suffering an injury during a pre-season game. Brunell has not come off as someone who is a malcontent in this situation and realizes his role on the team at this point.

3. Portis has been given the chance to actually rest. The 2005 season was brutal for a player like Portis who never had to endure the type of punishment and responsibility previously in his football career. He is a leader and it was proven when he basically carried the team in '05. Having Betts as a reliable backup; Sellers and Cooley blocking is just icing on the cake. I expect great things from this rushing attack this season.

4. The offensive line. Regardless of whether most fans realize it or not, it is recognized around the league as one of the best. The depth is the biggest question mark, but on what team isn't it ? Samuels will still be the great LT that he has been, Jansen is always a slow starter but will surely step up as always, Randy Thomas is one of the best FA pickups in the Snyder era. This line will be solid and we all know that Cooley, Moss, Randle El, Sellers, Cooley, etc, etc, are all good blockers just adds to the upside.

5. Sean Taylor. This is an easy one. He has the ying for his yang now with Landry in place. He has his legal issues behind him. He has the spitting incident behind him. This guy is being put in position to have a breakout season. Just in time too he will be looking for a new deal this off-season. He has every reason and advantage to do what we all expect him to do week after week.

See, I can put on homer glasses too. Doesn't make me question or doubt some things. But I feel my reasoning might be better than the original writer.

BTW- Giants don't stand a chance as long as She-Li is under center.

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Well said! Our team lost more games last year because of our defense. This defense has something to prove; therefore, having a major chip on their shoulders, they will, without a doubt, answer the call.

2007/2008 Washington Redskins defense ranked top 10, if not top 5.


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How 'bout 5 reasons the Giants will NOT win the NFC East:

Loughlin (lame duck--no way he fixes this and saves his bacon)

Shockey (as they lose, he'll be TO-like in the locker room and the press)

Manning (the wrong one)

Barber (they can't make up for losing him)

Lavar (set them back at filling the position)

And how 'bout 5 reasons we might:

Jason C (an off season as the #1 + new athleticism at QB)

potentially the best pair of safeties in football (Sean T at his true position--less kaboom but a huge upgrade at FS; Laron--nothing gets past this kid)

D-Line (after being ripped all off season, they look much improved)

Middle LBs (Fletcher is a machine and Blades looks like his clone)

Suisham (it has been a few years since I didn't have to stop eating and put down my drink every time we tried a field goal)


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What a way to use my 2.000 post.

By giving mad props to a Skins fan who gave a real good reason to get even more hyped for the season. Come on Sunday please :point2sky

Congrats on the 2k, and thanks. I think we are all at that point where anticipation is starting to boil over.

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