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Poll: Does Ade Jimoh make the final 53?

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Yes. Ade Jimoh isn't a CB for the Redskins. He's a special teamer. We just throw him out there during the preseason, but he doesn't see more than a few snaps a season at CB.

He makes a couple great plays on Special Teams every year, and for that I think we'll keep him around.

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I guess that label "core Redskin" is really a curse. You're seeing every "core Redskin" get called into Gibbs's office today.

I wonder how safe Thrash is now.

And I wonder if Mason may have taken Rock's job from him?

Given the fact that you'd probably be a better backup WR than most of the people we've had in training camp, I think Thrash is safe.

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Man this must be killing Joe, these are the players he loves, just shows these love affair myths are just that. The youth movement is def in full force.

Yeah, its so puzzling because people say things like "In Gibbs we Trust" and Gibbs would never lie to the fans, but we're seeing with some of these releases that Gibbs (ala the Redskins) are putting business first. I can't say I'm mad at that, some of these are good decisions - but just like I can agree that it was probably a good decision to play Brunell instead of Ramsey, he did say that Ramsey was the starter.

So I guess the thing to remember is that what Gibbs says doesn't matter.

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Looks like the vote is split...

Honestly, none of the CBs who could compete for that job looked that good in preseason. Now the team may pick someone else just because they want a young guy with future upside, but based on ability right now, none of them really challenged that well.

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