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NFC Bet On: Washington Redskins.

Joe Gibbs could have retired at the end of the disappointing 5-11 campaign in 2006 (the worst single-season mark in his 15-year career) and nobody would have said a word. After all, the legendary head coach already has a Hall of Fame resume – he doesn’t need to be here. Gibbs stayed because he thought his team had the potential to make some noise in 2007. I agree with him.

Washington probably has the best coaching staff in the league. Defensive coordinator Greg Williams, offensive coordinator Al Saunders, DL coach Greg Blache and OL coach Joe Bugel all rank among the best at their respective positions. Each one of those units has solid talent to work with.

link for whole article.

take it for what its worth. expert gamblers usually have better analysis than espn "experts" though.

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True. Gamblers put their money on the line, and they arent about to take predictions lightly, as they actually have an incentive to be right.

With mediots, they have no incentive. Its why private corporations run 10 times more efficiently than the government. One has to make money, the other gets it no matter what.

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