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I think we need to breakdown our 11 starters (on each side)and see what we have here!


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QB=Jason Campbell :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

Here we have a guy that was only 2-5 while finishing the last 7 games for us.His completion % was also something hardly anything to be excited about as well, at I believe around 54%.But what we saw from him that neither Brunell or Collins could provide was his athletic abilty to create something out of nothing or even to give confidence in his other offensive players that he can run for the first or try anything possible to keep the drive alive!Here he is in his 3rd season with an actual full season to learn the same offense that he has not had the pleasure of doing even going back to college.His work ethic is something you wish all your players had,but unfortunately don't...His humbleness and character is something players shouldn't have to learn,but absolutely just radiates from this gentleman!His potential is a possible (5 helmet) as you see above....But if we have ever needed a leader on this team,we couldn't have found the perfect PERSON to do so...Let's just hope his QB skills rival his character as well!

After Miami Game= :helmet: :helmet: ;););)

Some would rate him even lower,but his Int's didn't cost us the game and he still look better than grossman when he plays bad! :silly: But if we are to have a chance against Philly he is got to play much better...Cause Philly has a way of making turnovers cost you the game!It would be nice for Moss to help him out this game as well as Cooley!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

I really liked his poise :laugh: ...He showed me he can handle a hostile environment which is very rare for a QB with 9 starts under him!If he wants to reach his 5 star potential however,he needs to start having a much better PASS % than his 50% he's averaging now or a little better than!16/29 is not very consistent but I think he can improve that....I also think his running ability makes up for his incompletions too!

RB=Clinton Portis :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

We knew what we were getting when we traded Champ for Portis and a 2nd round draft pick.Which was an elusive RB who had the ability to not just make people miss,but the ability to break tackles on his way to the enzone!He still that same person who's added weight...then loses weight and back and forth.His injuries have been a bit of a surprise as he was most durable for Denver before the trade.I think many of us thought he was special when coming here and he proved that by running for a long TD on his 1st play from scrimmage as a Redskin!We also know that he has weird leadership skills as well....by dressing up for the players and fans,which has certainly taken off alot of pressure for us fans with the high expectations of him as a player.But don't be mistaken...?This man loves the games and takes it seriously when on the field.That point was proven last season when he pile drived a player to the ground after an interception during a preseason game!It's also well know throughout the league that he is one the best if not THE best at blocking and keeping Defensive players away from his QB and so on!What we need for him to reach his FULL potential is 3 things.1)Stay healthy,2)Stay healthy and 3)Stay healthy....because we all know that if he does that he will probably own ALL of the Redskin rushing records!He's just that good!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

He pretty much did what his rating is!He got near a 100 yards rushing and scored our only TD as well as carried this team on his back!I would like to see him have a 150 yard day with a few TD's....That would make him Perfect!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

May not have had a 100 yards,but that certainly doesn't tell the story of how important he is and was during that game.Not including that crushing blow after the Campbell pick,his knack for just gringing down that Eagles defense was just telling IMO!Needs to have a HUGE game however to reach 5 stars in this thread!But overall....very good :cheers:

FB=Mike Sellers :helmet: :helmet: ;) :mad: :mad:

Sellers is a tough dude!while weighing in at over 270 lbs,this guy will run your butt over...(just ask Brian Dawkins)But he's not the most athletically gifted person alive either....He's also not very fast, as his position doesn't always require that.He isn't going to be much better than he already is,but that's OK!His big frame is used to help open holes for the RB or to pound the ball in the Endzone at the 3 yardline, as he is more than capable of doing...One of the things Sellers is good at,that he is not credited very much for is his blocking ability...He may be no Lorenzo neal,but his size and and relentless anger makes up for that!This guy just does his job and he does it very well!Very underated at catching the ball IMO!Specially for his size.

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :mad: :mad:

He is as good as he will ever be....He is a beast and does all the dirty work that we need,but can he actually be better than he already is?That's the reason for his rating!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :mad: :mad:

This guy played to his full potential and is such an important part of this offense!The way he got that first down when he bumped it to the outside would have been shutdown if it were any of our other RB's....His size at 280 plus is just an intrigal part of what gibbs wants from this team...You gotta love Mike Sellers!Great game buddy!

TE=Chris Cooley :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Perhaps the most underated TE in the league!Once started out as an H-back in the Gibbs oriented Offense,who has now been labled a TE since the aquisition of Al Saunders.The team wants to use Cooley the same way Tony Gonzalas is/was used in K.C.Which is someone who not only can line up at the Tight End Position as a closed in blocker or someone to give mismatches against Linebackers and Safeties,but also someone who can line up wide on the outside with his speed or by having size on the outside for sweeps and counters.But what makes Cooley special is his hands...The guy doesn't drop the football!He also has a knack for getting open which is something you would think your recievers would be able to do on par with Cooley,but can't!

(exception Moss)What makes cooley important to the team probably more than anything else is the fact that he will be Jason Campbell's safety valve.Which will be very important to Campbell,do to the fact that Campbell is still progressing and learning his reads!Some say he is the Gasoline that keeps this car running!!Without him and we may find ourselves on the side of the road watching everyone pass us by!It might be kind of a smart move to give this guy a Contract very soon!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

Didn't have that great a game IMO....1 Catch for 10 yards...I know it's only 1 game and he is much better than he played,but for this game he has to drop a Rating for his play!Did he drop a pass?But I also know his production also reflects the way Campbell played as well.....No worries...He will have alot of 5 star games!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Would have got 5 stars if he doesn't drop that corner route early in the game!But overall,he played well and I think that TD during the Penalty fest was a huge uplifting series for this team and a true deflater to the Eagles right before Halftime!His contract is so worth it!!

WR=Santana Moss :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

The Redskins Franchise had been in hybernation since the departure of Joe Gibbs in 1992.That continued until the arrival of Moss in 04,which was about to change EVERYTHING!I consider it the "Trade that Mattered".We had some good players since that period,but nobody like Moss...If it were not for Moss,Brunell probably would not had thrown for over a 100 yards in ANY game!Moss has the ability to catch 3 yard screens and turn them into 80 yard TD's...He caught 2 long Bombs against Dallas in the 4th with under 4:00 minutes remaining to win....He caught the pass against Carolina in OT that sent us to Victory...He is the most dangerous player on this team! He gives us that little bit of hope that until the clock says 00:00 on the scoreboard,Moss has the abilty to change everything in a matter of seconds!If we are to even sniff a Superbowl run at all,it will be hard to do it without the homerun hitter we have in Santana Moss.With him...?I have confidence that we can beat anyone!If anyone is underated on this team...It's Moss!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

He drops the most of any player rating wise cause of his production!And I'm only dropping his 2 spots cause some of the blame is on Campbell,but we need him to be consistent if we are to have any chance for the playoffs this season!I expect for his rating to change immediately after the Eagles game!Cause if it doesn't,that probably means we lost!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

Man he is so dangerous!How quick a week makes huh?You know he catches that TD,if Campbell takes a little more off that BOMB!Oh...how important he is to this team?If Campbell ever gets his timing down,Moss is seriously going to break some records!

WR=Antwan Randel El :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

I believe that Randel El is much better than we are seeing of him right now...He may not have the size of Brandon Lloyd,but I think he brings more chips to the table when he is on the field...We all know that he is the gaggett player...The one who can run the reverses and throw the pass and is even able to be the PR/KR if needed there!Although not very big,he adds a quickness to our WR core that really only Moss provides...I know thrash is quick,but is also getting older!Most like Randel El in the slot,but I think he is more than capable of being a #2 if given the opportunity.However I don't know how much punishment he can take...So maybe rotating him and Lloyd as the #2 might be benificial for injuries,staying fresh and mixing up the style of Reciever we bring in as Lloyd brings us an Acrobatic type WR to the table!Either way....I think using El to confuse defenses will give teams just something else to think about when facing us as an Offense!But I like what he brings to the table....

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

Where have you been ARE?If you didn't get the game ball I would be very surprised (Maybe Suisham)!I know only 5 catches isn't necessarly lighting up the world,but those yards are great!That catch was absolutely crazy and way to have your head in the game on that final play!It's effort like that,which will get us playing for postseason!Keep up the great work!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Didn't have the kind of game like last week,but was still important on some out plays for 1st downs and I could tell he was getting his respect with how open Moss was not Doubled up very often ..if at all!If Randel El can command attention and take double teams off of Moss,then we are going to be a very SCARY team with Jason's arm!!Bank on it!

O-line as a whole= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

I love the adition of Pete Kendall as it very well may be the missing piece since the departure of Dockery.With a lineup of Samuels,Kendall,Rabach,Thomas and Jansen and wade,Heyer as a backup,I like the depth much better than last season.I also think Kendall may be an improvement over Dock (I think overated)...However?The most important thing to have on an O-line is not talent but cohesiveness!How well will they be able to play together?Jansen hasn't looked great and Samuels is hurt and we haven't even seen how Kendall will fit in!We need to hope this isn't a problem because if it is...Campbell will have a tough year!But the potential is there!The line played great for most of the season last year only giving up like 19 sacks or something?If we can get a simular production out of them this year,there is no reason why we can't win 10 games!But the biggest ? we all need to wonder is not will Samuels be ready,or will Jansen get his groove back,but will Kendall come in and mesh with the rest or will we be seeing 3 or 4 different left Guards this season!I do think he is more talented than Dock even if he is older!Time will certainly tell!(Now we have Pete Kendell to add to our potential....If he is as good as we hope he is and gells with this line,It might not take long for this group to reach it's 5 star helmet rating very long!)

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

They did a wonderful job with Jansen going down in not letting the game get carried away and contained a very good Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas!But they did allow 2 sacks!Keep guys off MY QB all day and that will get you a perfect rating!Pete played very well as well as Heyer!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

I thought they played very well,with the exception of the before halftime fiasco!!For having Randy out and also Wade's 1st game starting (07) since last week's Jansen injury,you couldn't have expected any better....IMO!One thing is definately true...Joe Bugel is the best Off-line coach EVERRRRRRRRR!!


FS=Sean Taylor :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Probably the most recognized and feared player on the Defense!He has had run-ins with the likes of the ATV inncident,spitting situation with michael pittman and the complete decapitation of a punter in the prowbowl.But what most fans don't remember (besides Skins fans)is he made his mark in the HOF game against Denver his rookie season...Snatching 2 int's with 1 being a TD!

From then on he has been the Santana Moss of the Defense.I don't think any of us think he has reached his whole potential as evident in last season,but we know for sure that if he makes a play it is going to be exciting!With that big play last season to run the ball back after a fumble to get us in FG range to beat the Cowboys,to his fumble returns against the Eagles and Bucs(playoff game) to litterally win those games merely by himself, when our offense failed to accomodate him in anyway!Obviously pairing him up with Arch was a mistake,but now with the addition of Landry,we can only hope that area 51 will open up on Sept.9!Or shall I say stay closed to the public and traffic? :D I also would like to think that a little help from the Offense will loosen things up back there for Taylor to do what he knows best...And that's make big plays happen!From our turnover ratio last season,we absolutely need this!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Didn't get tested very much this game,thus the same rating...I would like to see some more of those game changing plays...Maybe we can see some against Philly?

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

He may not have got an INT....But this guy was launching like a missle Monday night...And how he covered and helped out on that McNabb Bomb was just crazy speed!!He must have gave 5 Eagles players Concussions last night...Had too have?He presents the fear this Defense will soon get it's do respect..!Did ESPN ever think that maybe McNabb can't complete passes cause nobody want's to catch a pass in the middle of AREA 51?

SS=LeRon Landry :helmet: :helmet: ;););)

I can only give him 2 helmets because we haven't seen him in a regular season game!But the Sky is the limit for this kid....With the way he shoots in there like a missle to hit the QB to the way he gets in their faces as a rookie shows this mans ready!He will obviously experience rookie mistakes and we can't expect him to look like a veteran against Miami,but if this guy is as good as he looks and what his scouting report says...we are in for a fun ride!Having 1 great safety is somewhat rare,but 2?It's like the Captain D's commercial!"That's not natural"!Is it possible that pairing both Taylor and Landry together will make them both better football players?All I have to say is if it works....There is going to be alot of dropped balls against our Defense!....And what if Landry is the playmaker that Taylor already is?Well,we may not need to score more than 10 points with our offense to put 20 or points on the board!I think Campbell can get us 1 TD a game...Don't you?Boy...I can't wait! :cheers:

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

Like Taylor,didn't get tested as Miami was keeping the field short....But just from the comments of Cam C.his rating deserves a Bump!He was being used more to contain their Running Game and this worked well..I bet he will be used differently against Philly however?I would love to see him get his 1st pick of his career against McFlabb!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

Anytime you make a game saving tackle/forced incompletion,then you get 5 stars from me....Not to mention he was all up in McFlabb's face and covering very well...I really can't wait to see his 1st INT,but If he plays like that every night,then I will be content with everything!

OLB=Marcus Washington :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

This guy is our leader of the Defense!He also does everything well...He blitzes good....He covers the flats well....He tackles great...He hits hard...and now is being ask to line up as a DE to rush the passer some this year...We really need this guy healthy cause his leadership is invaluable to those young guys out there(rocky,Landry,Golsten and even Carlos)He's also getting older...We don't know how long he will be here and has been starting to get banged up a little!We absolutely need his presence on the field come Sunday!Oh ya....He's a pretty big dude too!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

Kinda quiet for him...He's probably still nursing his injury,but I got to drop him!I know he will step up as he gets 100%...I think he was just overshaddowed by the play of Rocky and London though?

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

I noticed he was in on some very big plays that prevented even longer plays....I can still tell he is hurting just a bit,but he's feeling a little better and it showed....Plays with a lot of spirit...such a leader!

MLB=London Fletcher-Baker :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

This guy is a stud!He's never missed a game...He avarages like a million tackles a season!He never quits...Flys to the ball all the time and stuffs the run very well....He's smart,quick and a very good vocal leader as well and gets people in their positions and what not!For all the heat we take as a team on FA pickups and trades,it is flabergasting that we have not got as much PUB for bringing in London as most teams probably would get....He might be the best pickup since Santana Moss IMO?Not only does he replace a very good Antonio Pierce,but London is better! :D However...he's no spring chicken either,which is why we have B.B. Blades :D too!London alone make our Run defense better....even without the upgrade at D-line!As I have shown above,I think he is the most complete football player on our Defense!Perhaps the most important?

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

How can this guy get better?Totally the anchor to this team!We are so much better with him in there....I think he's better than Pierce...Older!But better!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Played very well,but NOT his best....I know he made a lot of plays,but Westbrook got some big yardage up the middle which I think was his responsibilty....But not all his fault considering how all our guys are persuing to the ball,which is better than guys loafing...Guy is still a beast however...But his leadership is not replaceable and this guy is such a warrior!He just set the BAR to high against the Dolphins guys...!!

OLB=Rocky McIntosh :helmet: :helmet: ;););)

Like Landry,we won't know what we got of this kid till he hit's the field!The potential is more than there though...I think he may be the most athletic LB of the starters,but only time will tell of this.He might be what Arrington was supposed to be,which isn't going to take too much I'm sorry to say!From what I have seen from this guy he was worth every bit on trading up to get him and apparently Chicago think so as well :laugh: !Isn't it nice to know that we get to see what his potential will be, rather than not having Landry and Rocky for the price of Briggs who is starting to look like a problem child!I have noticed one thing for sure about Rocky!He seems to be very mature and not freelancing around and is doing is part of the job!Wouldn't you agree?Isn't it nice to have a LB and not a Primadonna?I think so!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;)

Boy did he make a jump?This guy is a stud....all over the field and a sack to boot!Can you say Arrington who?He continues this play and he will be a probowler in only his second year!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

This guy is such a beast!!All over the field and then some!!Got a sack...an overturned FF coulda woula shoulda...play!!I am just at a loss for words with this guy....AWESOME!!!

CB=Shawn Springs :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :mad:

He is the best CB we have and one of the best in the league......when he's healthy!We all can agree that without him we significantly get weaker on the outside!He's a great tackler for a CB, with very good cover skills as well....He's also pretty darn fast!I sure hope we can at least get 1 more good year out of him before he's gone cause we will need him to make a serious playoff push!I do think this is his last season with us, so wish him well!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: ;);) :mad:

Well.....When you get demoted to nickel,that ain't very good!But I'm going to consider this as a Injury and health issue decision as of now!Maybe he wasn't 100% and we wanted to let him heal up a little better for long season?He badly needed a pick this game just to keep his rating the same!

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :mad:

He better be starting next week...That's all I got to say about that!!

CB=Fred Smoot :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

SmootSmack is back!And he will be starting....you can bet on that!He is and always will be better than Carlos Rogers I'm afraid to say!Smoot doesn't play the Zone very well and is very little...but I like his catching ability,tackling ability and make-up speed a whole lot better than Rogers!Smoot just simply plays man-to-man better than Rogers...admit it!I also think his potential is higher than Carlos,but I could be wrong...Carlos has a lot to prove to me,before I can annoint him the #2 CB and especially #1 when Springs is gone!

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: ;);)

He doesn't change and I'll tell you why?The guy had a whole lot of tackles for a guy who can only bench the bar!Sure...He dropped the pick that would have ended the game,but at least he was there in the first place!I have to keep him where he is for the meantime...I love smooooooty!Rogers probably would have let the guy catch the darn ball for a 1st down or something....Guys....Carlos Rogers SUCKS!That's why Trent Green had the yards he had....Not my man Smooooooty!

After Eagles game=Did not play

But here is a rating for Carlos= :whippin:J/K

D-Line as a whole= :helmet: :helmet: ;) :mad: :mad:

I'm sorry to say,but the potential just isn't there!We can get a little better with good production out of carter and hopefully Golsten if he's the man....But our pass rushing as a unit just flat out sucks!However...I do think we can be good against the run if we stay in our lanes!I think Griffin is good enough to command some D-teams,but he's getting older!Daniels or Wynn are just extra bodies...I mean?To run a 4-3...we got to have a 4th guy in there right?Sorry...That's just the way I see it!Our young guys Alexander,Mayne Wilson...God...who knows?Maybe they will suprise?

After Miami game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :mad: :mad:

Guys...?They were as good as they will EVER be!If we can get that production from them on passing downs then we will be better than last year...Against the run?Very, Very good!!If they play that way against the run,we will be in every game this year if our secondary doesn't blow it for us!

After Miami game=I would like to add on a side note that Suisham and Frost are playing excellent right now!They both deserve a rating with their play! :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: So how do we make the playoffs with such a weak link?

After Eagles game= :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :mad: :mad:

Even though I coulda have swore I saw McNabb making a "Text Message" on that 3rd and 6 play,they did pretty much what they can do....I think Cornelius had the best game of all of them as he was just punching them hard,but it's really kind of hard to tell with the excellent play from our LB's!


Simple really?We need to get the best production out of the D-line unit as we can with or without sacks!We need to hope that they can at least contain the run better than they rush the passer....We need to hope that our secondary is much better with Smoot and Landry and Macklin along with Rogers improvement,so that our LB's and CB's and Safeties can blitz without leaving gaping holes in the secondary for big plays....We also would benifit from teams trying to run against us,with the fear of taylor and Landry in the backfield....So when 3rd and long come up,teams start trying to force things and maybe...just maybe...we can get a few turnovers....It would really be nice to give campbell a few more trys on Offense to put the ball in the Endzone than normal, by our defense stepping up and creating turnovers and havok.I hate to sound cliche,but we need our defense to get back to 05 form if we are to stand a chance in the NFC east....

I think our offense will be better and bring a different feel and demension,but I'm not sold on us being explosive out of the gate like Saunders was in K.C.One thing is for sure....Campbell is still the key for us to have any success this year,even with a great defense! :2cents: But that Line better play like their the Hogs or Dirtbags or something...Cause they could be the true key as it has always been with Gibbs teams!

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Is this really necessary? If they can't walk the walk they won't be on this team.

That makes no sense. With that logic every team in the NFL would be exactly the same.

I disagree with the Sellers, Moss and Laron Landry scores. Sellers is at least a three because he's a good blocker. Moss is a 4 because he needs to bounce back this year. Laron is at least a three (potential 5) because he's looked great.

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I agree, I appreciate the work the original poster put into this, but it is the depth chart that makes or breaks NFL seasons these days.

To me the big question mark is the D-line. It justs seems like a lot of mediocre guys. With AC being a true pass rush specialist, and a bunch of mediocre guys across the board alongside and behind him on the lines depth chart. These guys are all within 1mm talent wise across the board, flip a coin to find out which one can play better. A lot of mediocre guys does not = a great D-line, but we will see.

TE also is very shallow. Despite Yoder being super smart I think there is a huge dropoff from Cooley to Yoder, and then another huge one from Yoder to whatever warm body will be #3.

QB, if Campbell gets hurt we are in for a long season of more of the same from #8, or noodle arm #15.

OL depth= YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Please dear lord no injuries here! Heyer is a great project for the future and Wade can step in at RT at any time, but that seems about it for the OL past the starting 5.

LB I like our depth here alot. :applause:

RB Keep Mason around somehow and again... :applause:

Safeties I love this group as well, very nicely put together unit. Reed Doughty has looked very active and can stuff run, PP good vs pass. :applause:

FB What depth? Luckily Sellers is a beast!

CB Who knows what we got with this mixed bag of nuts. IF Springs stays healthy we should be ok, if not.......

WR Weak, weak and more weak. Lloyd and Randle-El are so overpaid it is not even funny. I love Thrash's heart but I think Heyer runs faster than he does!

Just some random thoughts.

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Yoder may suprise some folks!

also I like Beasly, Kendall and Godfrey..great depth improvement with these acquisitions plus the new blood in HB , Rocky etc.

We do need a tall WR.

Safetey will be interesteing does Doughty make it??

He brings better run support than Fox or Stoutmire. I think he does make the club and will be plugged into schemes that minimize his pass coverage liabilities. He plays real well around the goal line and short yardage situations.

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I like this post a lot. Very positive, although I might disagree with some of your scores, but that's nitpicking. I think we have good O-line depth with the signing of Kendall. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sellers line up as a TE if we got double TE with a fullback, and put Beasley as the fullback. Beasley and Sellers running over LBs would be fun to watch.

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I think two players will be much better than you state. They are:

Mike Sellers - I think he is very good doing his job; lead blocker for Clinton with an occassional pass reception when called. I would give him 4 stars.

Rocky McIntosh - from the way he is playing this preseason I think he will excell. He took awhile to learn the system and now he is playing some football. I am giving him 4 stars.

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The Redskins have fielded some very talented teams in past years... that have failed to perform and failed to live up to their potential. The real issue seems to be motivation/heart/desire. Will this team have the chemistry and burning desire to win that other teams have lacked? Time will tell.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot: I freaking hate the Dallas Cowboys :dallasuck

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Now that you've broken down the starters, how about listing a projection of the roster? 53 men - one punter, one kicker and one long snapper leaves 50 to split between the offense and defense.

It's hard enough just guessing the number of positions let alone who is going to win out (especially on Defense). My guess is that the Skins will fill these positions:


QBs (3)

OL (9)

TEs (3)

FBs (2)

RBs (3)

WRs (5)


DL (9)

LBs (7)

Safeties (4)

CBs (5)

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great post man. that clearly took a lot of time to make, great job. Keep it up.

It would be nice to think that Dan Snyder read my thread :D and Cooley's bio and decided to made the offer....

J/K....Cooley didn't want this to hang over into next season and this is just a fantastic move! :cheers:

P.S....I'm really suprised this Thread only got 20 replies... :rolleyes: I thought it was one of my better posts?

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I think I will bump this thread before every big game!

I will even change the ratings based on a game by game evaluation...

I will also add other players that are playing a significant role in our winning/losing games!I think this could be a great way of evaluating both sides of the ball by not just a "Player rating" of an individual but as a whole...

For example:Campbell may have his "3 star rating" now because we really don't know what to expect from him with only 7 starts under him....But if he plays well,he very well could have 3 ,4 or god I hope 5 stars as his rating after the Phins game...

Note:If any backups play a significant role in our victories then they will also get a Rating...Like if Betts rushes for over 100 yards or whatever...Whichever Backup recieves the most ratings by a game to game basis because of their contributions in our victories,then that player will be up for "Backup player of the year award"!

AND...If a player takes over a guy I already have as 1 of 11 starters right now as the new starter,His name will be added to the bottom of the original starter!

Example:If Brandon Llyod becomes the #2 WR then his name will be added at the bottom of Randel El's name and of course have a rating of his own (and unfortunately El's rating might not be the same as well)but we will have to wait and see!


At the end of the season I will average out their ratings based on the whole season,and their new rating for the year will be obtained!

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I have to give you four stars for your ratings... Most are dead on, with the notable exception of Smoot. He is and should be the nickle back only as long as both Rogers and Springs are healthy. There is a reason Smoot is no longer in Minnesota...He was cut for cause. That cause being his ability or lack thereof. I love his work ethic and speed but hes no Shawn Springs nor Carlos Rogers.

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