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John Edwards is an A-hole

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True, but your everyday human isn't always trying to pander to the greater public and acting like they're someone with good morals who's got all their ducks in a row.

EDIT: In other words, politicians being politicians = politicians being lying scumbags.


I'd be 100% behind any politician who put his/her dirty business out there on his/her own (child abuse, spouse abuse, rape, murder, etc not included.)

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It's actually kind of refreshing that the media has slowed down the dirt-digging on the candidates' personal lives, at least for now.

Certainly, Edwards is not the only candidate of either party with such rumors in his background. John McCain admits to having had extramarital affairs, Rudy has serious family issues including rumors of infidelity, Bill Richardson is supposed to be a womanizer, and then there is Newt, of course.

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