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Washington Football Team Logo

A little copyright infringement down in Texas


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I think I like the "Getting It Done" slogan too.

The NFL doesn't seem to be quite as hawkish on reuse of names and logos like MLB is. Little league teams used to name after the bigs all the time, but last I heard MLB wants a royalty fee now ($1 or $2 per shirt or hat is what I've heard).

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Once the decision was reversed, the Trademark laws all go into effect, even if they started using before the court's decision was reversed.

Yeah, but what i was trying to say is that it's possible that they started using the name and logo DURING the time of absence of the Redskins trademark and by the time it went back into affect no one was paying attention them anymore so they have just kept it and gone unnoticed. They may now be breaking the law, but perhaps they didnt when they made it thus making it easier to actually aquire the name and logo. Now they're just flying under the radar so to speak.

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It's not uncommon for schools to use professional sports logos for their teams.

I went to South River High in Edgewater MD.

Our mascot was the Seahawks and our logo was exactly like Seattles.

And by the way... we sucked. So it all worked out.

We didn't just suck, we were a friggin black hole. 1 win the year I went there and I believe a combined 6 wins the previous 3.

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