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As for our beloved Redskins, I wanted to share a few trends that seem to exist on this board. I am not saying I hate or love them, but I am saying that it is quite interesting to sit back and just read threads. This has been my hobby on this board for years anyway. Only recently did I become a member and begin to post.

With the turnover and inconsistency that has existed over the years, we probably got used to high turnover in players and coaches. We were never happy with our starters or depth and they were always changing in the older days. Since Gibbs returned, this has changed. The head coaches and new coaching staffs that arrived every year also brought large scale changes in the starters and depth of this team. Now that we are starting to see some consistency in starters and even backups (Ladell Betts, Ray Brown, backup Dlinemen, etc.), we question whether they are adequate as if they should be traded. Ergo we start trade rumors of constant improvement because this is what Gibbs has been doing since he returned. Gibbs has been getting guys that are better at particular positions and are good for overall team play. In short, the team has become much more consistent and focused is my first point.

Secondly, prior to Gibbs' return, we had players that would whine about things (though not like TO does). We had players that did not listen to their coaches (Norv and Marty eras), and we had coaches that did not command respect (the old ballcoach). Now, we expect the same to be true with Gibbs, but we fail to see that the players love and adore Gibbs. They will go to down "fighting their guts out" as Gibbs puts it. Since, he has returned we have been to the playoffs only once in three years, but how many times in the previous three eras did we even come close? This brings my second point to be that with Gibbs' control and consistency, he has commanded respect from our owner, scouts, coaches, staff and players. This is a first since the first era of coach Gibbs as well.

For one year, we praise Gibbs, and the next year we go back to the same antics we had with the other three coaches. From what I see, I am starting to think he would make a WONDERFUL team manager. He commands respect and people follow him willingly. People want to do their best for him, and that is what any good manager anywhere does. He has placed good people in the right places to succeed (Al Saunders, Joe Bugel, Gregg Williams, etc.). Now, the best managers work themselves out of a job. This is because they make the team able to rely completely on themselves and to get the job done. Now, I get to my last point.

Last year there were a lot of injuries, but I want this point to be known. Jason Campbell took over for Mark Brunnell. We had a limping offense that turned stellar yardage-wise only after he took over. We had a defensive backfield completely filled with no coverage players. We had an AWOL linebacker coach. We were still learning the Al Saunders system. There were so many things that "went wrong", and I am not rehashing these issues as they have all been discussed before. Neither do I wish to make an argument that we will have a better season.

I just wanted to mention the consistency Gibbs brings. Gibbs knows how to find winners. He can see the heart of a winner. He can find a winner inside the players. Look at how he won three super bowls with three different quarterbacks. He knows a classy guy when he sees them. I know we are tired of the phrase, but think about how many players on this team are willing to "fight their guts out" for a win each weekend. The number is staggering in my mind. Our entire defensive line is made up of fighters, so are our safeties, Shawn Springs, Clinton Portis, Mike Sellers, Randy Thomas, Chris Samuels, etc. These players fight through injuries and give their all for the team. This kind of dedication catches his interest.

Now lastly, I just want to ask people to look at how talented our team is now in comparison to four years ago. I was drawn to a comment Portis made about 10-15 possible Hall of Famers on this team currently! What did we have four years ago? We did not have a regular running back (except Stephen Davis) or quarterback; we do now. We had an inconsistent starting offensive line; now we are worried about backup offensive linemen due to injury. We have a starting TE which we did not have before. We have two exceptionally talented safeties; what did we have before? We have a plethora of DBs just like before - perhaps not as talented. We have a very strong LB core with depth. We had a strong linebacking core but little depth previously. We have our first number one receiver in a LONG time (Art Monk anyone) and are worrying about who can be number two. We had complaining Coles or 50/50 prior to Gibbs and he was our only receiving threat PERIOD.

Basically, I hope Gibbs would want to be manager after he is done coaching. He would get my vote based on the talent he has amassed. We are so worried about depth that we have missed out on how much talent we currently have. We just take for granted. I sure hope he sticks around to manage this team, and I still think he can win a Super Bowl before he does it. Anyone with me??

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Love the post. I definitely sense an air of stability with Gibbs that I didn't with Marty, Spurrier, Norv, or anyone else. It seemed like Danny Boy was running the team with an itchy trigger-finger. Now, it seems like most moves are well thought out, and we are building a winner. When I worry about our secondary stepping up or our D-lineman holding their ground or our second receivers stepping up, it's because I worry about us going into the playoffs, not because I worry about us being bottom dwellers. Yes, last year was a hiccup, a major one at that. People seem to forget, however, that Gibbs led us to the playoffs in year two of his second tenure. That's saying a lot for a team that has lost a lot over the previous 12 years before him. We are lucky to have such a great coach.

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