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Washington Redskins 46th Annual Welcome Home Luncheon


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I was just about to make a topic about this asking the same questions. I'm really looking forward to having dinner with Shannon and the other cheerleaders.


My tags expired back in July, my car failed inspection, and I keep spending all my money on Redskins tickets. If my pregnant girlfriend finds out I spent $200.00 on a Redskins dinner she will kill me lol. I really don't want to wait for next year though.

Sell me on going, Please explain how it was fun? Tell me more about it.

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Pez and I went today and had a blast. I took pics that we will post later. George Michael was the MC and so funny. They handed out 75th annv glasses. It was a great time. Very well done.

BTW We had Jack Burns at our table... Kinda a quiet nice guy, but boy did his redskin superbowl ring blind us all at the table... :laugh:

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