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PFT: Vick Could Clean Toilets for 12 Cents an Hour


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Dave Forster of The Virginian-Pilot reports today that the federal prison sentence Michael Vick is likely to serve will feature a lifestyle of jobs like mopping floors for 12 cents an hour and living in a dorm with 100 other inmates.

Forster quotes Mike Truman, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, who says that many factors go into determining where to place an inmate, but someone with a relatively short sentence and no previous criminal convictions would likely be sent to a minimum security camp within 500 miles of his home address.

But a minimum security camp isn't a country club. Barring an illness preventing him from working, every inmate must have a job, which might include waxing or mopping floors, cleaning toilets, painting walls or cutting grass. Inmates get paid for their work, at a rate of 12 cents an hour. Vick can buy items like shoes and sweat suits from the commissary, and while he's not limited to buying whatever he can afford on his 12-cents-an-hour job, he also can't spend much beyond that. Inmates are held to spending limits of about $290 a month at the commissary, Forster reports.

A big question about Vick's prison sentence is whether he'll be able to stay in shape. Forster reports that most federal prisons have a running track and a basketball court. Some locations have weight rooms; others don't. In any event, Vick won't be getting the kind of training he's accustomed to as a professional athlete.

Will Vick be able to watch NFL games from behind bars? Probably some, as dorms typically have two televisions. But Monday Night Football might be out: Not all facilities have cable.

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