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Jean Jacques: Cowboys didn't break preseason code


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I'm getting a Jean Jacques tee-shirt...I love this guy. :laugh: :laugh:

01:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So the Broncos think the Cowboys violated some code of ethics by blitzing them relentlessly in their preseason loss to Dallas.

So what.

Wade Phillips' job is to prepare his team for the regular season – not make sure the Broncos aren't embarrassed because they can't pick up the Cowboys' blitz. Dallas is putting in a new defensive scheme, and the only way to really practice it is in preseason games.

So that's what they did.

Every team takes a different approach in the preseason. Some, like the Cowboys under Bill Parcells, try to win. Under Dave Campo, the Cowboys focused more on player evaluation than winning, which is why I heard him complain more than once after a preseason debacle that some team had game-planned the Cowboys.

It sounded like an excuse then, and it sounds like one now.

Phillips has been around long enough to know preseason wins mean little. It's more important for the team to play well than it is to win.

For now, the Cowboys are playing well. We'll see how long it lasts.



Q: Do you think Julius Jones will run for more than 1,500 yards year if he is turned loose?

Shorty Pettit, Minot, N.D.

TAYLOR: Nope. I don't think he's going to get enough carries to challenge that number, and I don't think he's shown the ability to be an elite back because runners who gain 1,500 yards are in the elite category. Julius is a good runner, but he's not shown that he is special.

Q: At various times in the last six seasons, Dallas Cowboys fans have heard how Quincy Carter, then Chad Hutchinson, was going to lead this franchise in the future. Various media members wrote stories or aired pieces touting their virtues. The front office praised them. Both failed. What qualities does Tony Romo sits to pee possess that separate him from Carter and Hutchinson?

Timothy Stearns

TAYLOR: Romo sits to pee has more talent than Carter or Hutchison. He also has shown he has more mental toughness than Carter or Hutchison. Romo sits to pee is also surrounded by a much better supporting cast than Carter or Hutchison ever had.

[He's so much better talented that he spent his first three years in the league on the bench! :laugh: ]

Q: I think DeMarcus Ware is going to be a great player, but it always seems like he rushes up field so fast that he runs right by the quarterback. All the tackle has to do is get hands on him and let Ware's own momentum take him out of the play. Have you noticed the same thing? What are the coaches doing about it?

Bernard Henry

TAYLOR: Let's see, the guy has 11.5 sacks – the first Dallas player to reach double digits since 1996 – to set a franchise record for linebackers and you think his technique is poor? I think you're being just a tad critical. Sometimes, he may get too far upfield, but he's an excellent pass rusher who should only get better in his third season. He should get 15 sacks this season with a little good luck.


Q: What about the decision to take Bobby Carpenter several picks ahead of Houston linebacker Demeco Ryans? How can the Cowboys get off so lightly with the Carpenter pick? If we needed an inside guy, Ryans was the man. If we needed an outside guy, apparently Carpenter was not the man.

C. Neely, Houston

TAYLOR: Ryans had a terrific season, but I wouldn't call Carpenter a bust just yet. Some guys take longer to develop than others, and Carpenter played a lot better at the end of the season than he did at the beginning. There are more important things you can criticize the Cowboys about other than taking Ryans over Carpenter.


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I'm getting a Jean Jacques tee-shirt...I love this guy. :laugh: :laugh: ...
He is clearly become one of my favorites!

I really like his point regarding Carpenter versus Ryans!

Not to start a debate or anything......But Ryan had 156 tackles including 13 the first game of the season. Bobby had 19.;)

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