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Anonymous FBI Call


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FBI: Yes, this is the FBI, how may we help you today?

Caller: Uh, yes, I um, I have credible evidence that certain members of the NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, NFL teams have been involved in illegal activities.

FBI: Sir, we are going to need a little more information, do you have those individuals names?

Caller: I'll start with the Cowboys, Tony Romo sits to pee and Terrell Owens.

FBI: Hmmmm....Very Interesting. Who else?

Caller: Donovan McNabb and Michael Westbrook from the Eagles.

FBI: Sir, are you sure?

Caller: Absolutely.

FBI: Who else?

Caller: Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey from the Giants.

FBI: Sir, where did you say you were calling from?

Caller: Uh, this is supposed to be anonymous....

FBI: Sir, we will need your name.

Caller: .......

FBI: Sir?

Caller: click......

FBI: Probably just another overzealous redskins fan.

A little bored and just had a bit of a chuckle at the office as to how funny that phone call would be - until you got arrested for making the call in the first place!

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