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2008 Olympics- The perfect time for China to take back Tiawan?


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The Beijing Olympics start on Aug. 8, 2008. We all know China considers Tiawan a part of China. The U.S. has a treaty to defend Tiawan if China attemtps to take it back. There was almost a war in 97 or 98.

I have no doubt that China intends to take Tiawan back by force. I was thinking that doing during the last night of Olympics could be a time to do it. The Olympics would be over but the athletes- potential hostages wouldn't have left yet. They could say, you try to stop us and we will keep your athletes.

Crazy talk? Maybe? Considering the fact the chinese has been slowly posioning us thru our food, toothpaste, toys, etc... Remember, there is no real independent business in China. Everything is run by the government- if it's not apparently visable. So something as crazy as I suggest, isn't that crazy!

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Ummmm, there ARE independant buisness in China now. They have been moving towards capitolism for a decade now. The bad products are a result of poor regulations and coruption, not an evil plot to kill americans.


(I recomend the Slate story :-)

As for Taiwan, why take it by force and risk a major war? The company I work for manufactures electrical connectors and we just bought controling interest in a company in Taiwan BTW. So I have done a little research. :-)

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