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Kenard Lang, won't be back unless he's a DE...

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That sucks @ss. I wouldn't want to over pay for the guy, but Bruce is gone once he gets his record. Lang has stepped up his play and is living up to his expectations finally. He's been healthy and is a leader, it would suck to see him go elsewhere.


From the Wash Times.


"Smith's return will impact fellow linemates Kenard Lang and Marco Coleman. Lang, an unrestricted free agent, only wants to return as an end instead of as a tackle, where he played last year. That means Lang will sign elsewhere if Coleman doesn't depart."

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I think Rick Snider is jumping to a conclusion that isn't necessarily warranted. Who's to say that Lang won't be moved back to end, with Smith becoming a part timer to rotate in for passing downs?

All this does is help fuel the argument that one of the top offseason priorities is to find a solid starting DT through free agency or the draft.

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what about the scenario where the Redskins acquire a quarterback in free agency, draft a young DE and get a second tier free agent such as Gary Walker to play DT?

Lang was a valuable player last season, but let's not lose sight of the forest here. He is not a difference maker in the way that Bailey or Arrington is.

As such, if the dollars or the fit are not right than it isn't the worst thing in the world to see him depart.

Even though that may not be option #1.

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I think Lang is always waiting to see who comes in to run the D. If someone comes in and says to Bruce "we can get you 10-15 sacks if you come in on obvious passing downs" then Lang would most likely stay.

I like Lang, he loves the Skins and I think he's great for team chemistry.


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