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An offseason speculation thread: The QB position minus JC


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With the last few weeks before the season dragging out more and more painfully, I thought it would be fun to start a little discussion about the QB position. Not our current one, because god knows it has been discussed to death but a what if...

What if we hadn't moved up to draft JC in the 2005 draft? Where would we stand at quarterback now?

It seems logical we would have gone with one of the later rounders that year, and there are by no means any stand outs from that group. Some of them include Charlie Frye, Andrew Walter and Kyle Orton.

Would we have gone with a big free agent pickup? Maybe Brees would have fallen into our hands?

Who knows, but it seems like sacrificing picks was a great move to get JC, because we were in desperate need of finding a solution at QB and no other moves now seem any better.

Have at it...and sorry if this is just another meaningless offseason thread that pisses you off. :laugh:

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We would have drafted Quinn this year when he landed in our lap.

i was thinking this would probably have been it. man, we would have suffered last year watching brunell through the full season, if he had even made it.

good thing we got JC, or we'd be set back an extra two or three years.

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I would have expected us to be in the Drew Brees stakes....with our FO history though, we more likely would have signed Daunte Culpeper
Drew Bledose would be our qb and way overpaid.

Brunell had a good 2005 so we wouldn't have gone after another QB until this year. I would not have been shocked to have seen us trade up for Russell or stand pat and go with Quinn.

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