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Light Practices


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I'm concerned, with the light practices going on and players getting injured when heavy practicing was in place, what's the deal?

I know Joe is trying to preserve his key players But when regular season starts, how will this affect the chemistry early during the season?

Not only that, but if guys are getting hurt during heavy practicing, what's going to be the case during real games when the season starts.

And Todd Collins as our #2 QB, oh lord. Look! I'm hoping for the best as much as anyone, but I need to see some chemistry these next 3 pre-season games. If not, then I don't think much is going to change from last year other then the defense itself. And vanilla nothing, if your going to run a vanilla scheme fine, but I want to see some execution during these vanilla games.

Because how come mostly every other team runs a vanilla scheme during the pre-season. But does seem to have some kind of chemistry within the offense from my observations.

So, if this is vanilla, I better see some proof in the pudding.

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