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Andy Reid Takes Disinformation To New Levels


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Eagles coach Andy Reid says right guard Shawn Andrews is making progress in his recovery from an ankle injury that caused him to miss Monday night's preseason opener at Baltimore and the last 11/2 weeks of practice. Andrews doesn't sound so optimistic.


Starting guard Shawn Andrews has sidelined since Aug. 4 with what has been diagnosed with a sprained right ankle, but the normally jovial Pro Bowler got upset when asked about his immediate future on Wednesday. He visited orthopedic specialist Dr. Peter DeLuca on Aug. 8.

"I don't know what to think," Andrews said. "What the specialist said to me was a real tear-jerker. I don't know what the future holds."

Andrews declined to discuss the details of his visit under orders from the team, but indicated that the issue may concern the stability in his leg.

Three years ago, Andrews broke his right fibula in his first regular-season game in 2004 and had a plate inserted during surgery.

"Anytime you put a 300-pound body on a leg that's already been fixed. ..." Andrews said. "All I can say is it's not a question of pain. Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

"If I say anything else, coach Reid will spank me. I haven't had a whuppin' in a long time, but coach Reid is a massive man and he might hurt me. Just pray for me if you care about me."


This is very tough luck for Andrews...the guy's career may be over, but he can't even talk to the press about it...come on Andy, show some common sense.

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I would say right now Reid is exercising common sense. If they don't know for sure the severity of the injury, or are at the very least still holding out hope for the best, than staying quiet on the issue is the way to go.

Since when was talking to the media therapeutic for an injured professional athlete, in Philly no less?

Good move Reid. Stay quiet Shawn.

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Andy Reid is known for doing this (not for covering up injuries i mean not telling the media jack). He dosent give the media any info or when he does its always very plain information. I respect him for that, but his press conferences/interviews is like watching grass grow.

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