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Advice for first game at FedEx Field


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Hey all, I'm going to my first Skins home game versus Miami since I finally got season tix this year. I just have a few questions about the parking situation and the timing of events that I couldn't find on redskins.com.

First, I see there are a number of parking lots at FedEx (http://www.redskins.com/fedexfield/parking.jsp). Green, orange, red, and blue. Which lots have the most action as far as tailgating goes? Which lot(s) are where many ES'ers meet up? I'd love to throw back a couple with some of you. :cheers:

Also, I see that the stadium opens 2 hours before kickoff. What time normally are the Skins introduced before the game? How long before are the lots open for tailgating?

Thanks for your help! :helmet:

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Tailgate in the lot where you park. The parking lots open three hours before the game. There will be a line of cars waiting to get in and get to their spots. The spots with the most room to setup tables and chairs go first. There spots along the edges of the lots that have room behind the cars. Also think of where is best spot to leave the parking lot. In the green lot "A4" has a narrow exit so may take some time to get out if you are in the back of it. I always use to setup in the orange lot near the purple lot near off of morgan boulevard. player introductions are just a few minutes before game time.

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