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Peter King's 2012 All-NFL team


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so he's planning on playing a 3-4 with amobye okeia (whatever the eff his name is) at NT?

that team is going to get run all over. is he expecting him to gain 35lbs over the next 5 years?

Well, Okoye will only be 25 in five years, so that is entirely possible...:cheers:

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The thing that's stupid about these All pro teams of 2012 or the 50 players to be cantonized is that they a disportionate about of players come from the previous draft and slightly less than that from the draft before that. It's like players 3-4 years ago won't be going into the HoF.

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weddle- no chance

was sean taylor to old?

adrian peterson- rb

mike bush- fb -

kory sperry- te - colorado state sr.

mason crosby- k - (could have had him for carsons brothers pick)

all of these are correct

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