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Sean Taylor vs. T.O. - Seen it, can't find it


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As usual the search isn't working. I swear I've seen a video dedicated to Sean Taylor's biannual murdering of T.O., but haven't been able to find it here or on youtube or myspace. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Does this really exist, or was it all just a glorious dream?


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Go to Videos, click 06-07, click Clips, and there's the probowl clip, has like three plays of Taylor.

Some nice ones, thanks.

I'm starting to think it was just some random ST highlight video, and then the last minute or two was dedicated exclusively to ST beating the crap out of T.O. Oh well. If I come across it again I'll post it in this thread, otherwise I guess it may be lost to the world...hidden in a trunk in a warehouse somewhere...

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