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I just got back from it and it was FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!

Especially from a high school point of view. The cops were funny as anything. It was like the 40 year old virgin but with high schoolers. If you like comedy with some sexual humor too, you'll love it. haha It was great.

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The dialogue was written incredibly life like...not forced conversation like many screenplays seem to offer.

That, and Jonah Hill really delivered the dialogue as if he were actually talking to someone. I think everyone has known someone who's been incredibly outgoing like Seth (Jonah Hill's character), so it seemed just...well, natural. And thats what acting should be. I liked the film. A lot of good laughs, though none that really stuck out as incredibly downright outrageous, it was still one of the best comedies I've seen since...I don't know...Anchorman.

I also liked the touch at the very end....clever use of the store name, Felletinis. Coincidence? I think not! :laugh:

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