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What are Must-See Games of 2007


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So besides the Redskins, what are your must see games of 2007? I myself cant wait to see Randy Moss and the Patriots as well as the big-name Rookies (Russell and Quinn) play. The Colts and the Saints on opening night is a good one as well.

Check out this article on Must See 2007 Games.


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New England/Indianapolis (These are always some of the best games of the year)

Philadelphia/New England (I have 2 friends that like these teams and we agreed to all watch the game)

Indianapolis/Baltimore (Friend is a Ravens fan and HATES Indy, lets go Peyton)

San Diego/New England

New Orleans/Seattle


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Sep 9 Tampa@Seattle 4:15pm

Sep 16 New Orleans@Tampa 1:00pm

Sep 23 St. Louis@Tampa 1:00pm

Sep 30 Tampa@Carolina 4:05pm

Oct 7 Tampa@Indianapolis 4:05pm

Oct 14 Tennessee@Tampa 1:00pm

Oct 21 Tampa@Detroit 1:00pm

Oct 28 Jacksonville@Tampa 4:05pm

Nov 4 Arizona@Tampa 1:00pm (I'm Going to that one Reggie Wells is getting me tickets :D)

Nov 18 Tampa@Atlanta 1:00pm

Nov 25 Washington@Tampa 1:00pm

Dec 2 Tampa@New Orleans 1:00pm

Dec 9 Tampa@Houston 1:00pm

Dec 16 Atlanta@Tampa 1:00pm

Dec 23 Tampa@San Francisco 8:15pm

Dec 30 Carolina@Tampa 1:00pm

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