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Old dog looking for a new home


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One of the volunteers that my wife works with is currently dog sitting a poor little thing that had its own suddenly die on her. The lady already has two dogs and does not think she can handle three. Due to certain circumstances, my wife and I cannot adopt the pooch either. I was hoping someone here may be willing to take her into their home.

This is the e-mail from the lady that is currently watching her:

>Finally, some pictures of Chessie! We are looking for a permanent home for

>her. She is 10 years old, 42 lbs., and has a sweet disposition. No dog

>aggression ever shown. She is quite spunky despite her age and plays well

>with our "puppy" who is 18 months old. The last photo is of the two of



>Let me know if you know anyone that is looking for a dog. She would make a

>great companion dog for someone with a male dog, or non-dominant female.

Please PM if interested. Thanks! :cheers:


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Huly; from all accounts he's a 30 year old, Liberal Democrat, who is also an avid Redskins fan. We are unsure of whether he's been house trained yet. It also does appear that he's a mix breed..............oh you mean the dog in the picture....my bad.
:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: Too funny! And here's a bump for Chessie.
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