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Heads Up: On-line Redskins Gear Sale Tonight (8/13)


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Hey all,

Just a heads up on a different kind of gear sale going on tonight at 9 EST, with some possible deep savings on stuff like a Moss replica, framed photo pieces and some lids for up to 80% off. :cool:

Here's the when and how ...


Exclusive Washington Redskins Live Smack Shopping Event

With the Redskin’s season starting, it’s time to gear up with Official Redskins merchandise. On August 13th at 9pm Eastern, the Redskins will team up with Jellyfish.com to bring you the Washington Redskins Live Smack Show. Coined the Internet's First Live Social Shopping Show, Smack Shopping has offered its community over 4,000 Smack Deals at an average of 45% off retail prices.

How Smack Shopping Works

Each deal starts at full retail price, but as seconds run off the clock, the price begins to drop. The live interactive community (The Smack) tries to outwit each other and secure the best price. Just remember, with limited quantities if you wait too long, the deal is gone. By offering the hottest Washington Redskins Merchandise, Smack Shopping is often called the "Deal or No Deal" of online shopping.

... and the where:


Happy hunting.

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can you please let somebody in the Redskins Organization know that this Smack buying was a huge bust.....I wasted 2 hours for nothing.

It was a waste of my time and I will never do that again.



Two replica jerseys.

A draft day hat.

A cheerleader calender.

An overpriced Portis autograph.

A fleece hoody.

You can only buy one item, & you have no idea what the items are until they are up for bidding. And smack that read like it came straight from the kiddies from MySpace.

File me in the unimpressed group.

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