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Madden 2008 -- Reviews Coming In


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Sounds like there's finally a great next-gen football game. Especially on the 360 because of the 60 frames per second (PS3 is only 30FPS for some reason).

Can't wait. Hopefully virtual Jon Jansen can block.

i read a review of someone that got the game early, and he said that the 30FPS is blown way out of proportion... he said that the game ran smooth... so if 30fps was smooth then 60fps has to be mega-smooth... basically, i was happy to hear that, 'cause i was worried at first to pick up the ps3 version and was thinking about skipping madden this season for the first time in 7 years... :applause:

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I genuinely hope that EA tweaks the play engine.

Madden 06 and 07 for the 360 felt more like an arcade game than the PS2 version. For reason beyond my explanation physics feel more accurate on the older platforms (particulary hitting and catching). It's entirely possible that a different design team created the next-gen version. Regardless IMHO the PS2 version has essentially clowned the 360 version (minus the graphics) and I own them both.

Furthermore how long are we going to have to wait to get some throwback jerseys in the next-gen version. They have been including them in the PS2 version for years. I refuse to spend money on X-Box Live Marketplace due to the fact that the 360 version costs ten dollars more.

I really do enjoy these games so I'm not going to hate 360 version too much. I would just like to see EA offer the superior product that I feel that we are entitled to.

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Another Wiier here, I didn't know the Wii version was at 60fps. Where did you hear that?

Nintendo World Report


"And naturally, it runs at 60 frames a second. (What did you think it was, a PS3 game?) It is much cleaner and prettier at a glance when comparing it to Madden 07, and if you take the time to look around, the differences will stand out immensely."

When you get the game give me a PM so we can play online.

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I got Madden 08..Its the best Madden ever.Got it off newsgroups.Some retailers here in Charlotte are already selling it under the table.They finally have gotten it right.Have retro jerseys as well.Its a great game and Im a 2k5 guy.Best Madden ever

This is good to hear. After reading a few of the reviews from people that got it early, I decided to throw down $5 on it yesterday.

Do you still have to use the stick to kick?

Call me a nitpicker, but man I hate that change....

I'm almost certain that's still in the game.

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for overall game play ironically enough the ps2 beats both the 360 and the ps3 this year again.....

I don't care how pretty the players look if the gameplay is SLOW as dirt......

I'm gonna try the Wii soon.....maybe that is better

I haven't played the 360 version but I played the other 3. For Wii, I don't know, the controls are really difficult, I had a hard time playing it. I think the PS2 version still offers the best gameplay. 08 for PS2 feels like a much smoother running, cleaned up version of 07. The animations and player interactions, as well as the AI, are much improved but the overall gameplay is very similar. I'm quite happy with it. The only disappointing part is that it doesn't have the expanded rating system that the 360 and PS3 versions have.

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