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Let's see what we can come up with.


QB -- Collins

RB -- Barber

FB -- (why bother really) Martin

TE -- Shockey

WR -- Toomer

WR -- Gardner

OT -- Thomas

OT -- Samuels

OG -- Mayberry

OG -- Welbourn (best team gets the nod)

C -- Moore


DE -- Douglas

DE -- Strahan

DT -- Gardener

DT -- Walker

LB -- Arrington

LB -- Barber

LB -- Barrow

CB -- Bailey

CB -- Vincent

S -- Williams

S -- Dawkins

K -- Akers

P -- Landeta.

On this list I think the only real arguments might be that Barrow should be replaced by Trotter, but, since Trotter missed four games, you have to go with Barrow I think in the middle. Dallas may want to argue Glover over Gardner or Coakley over Barber, but, 5-11 teams don't get the nod in this type of list unless the edge is substantial and undeniable, and Coakley might be third on the list. For that reason you might have to put Fraley in there at center.

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I would like to throw in Jason Whittle at OG, Will Allen at CB, and Cornelius Griffin at DT. I'm not sure if these guys would crack the starters but they would be close. Whittle has been quiet and an unknown but I've watched him develop into a fine OG. Will Allen has stepped up against the likes of Marvin Harrison and Joey Galloway with decent games not being able to lift his right arm because of shoulder problems. And Griffin has returned to his rookie form. Just my two cents but everything else I agree with.

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Thomas was the best left tackle in the NFC this year. Runyan is a good, strong right tackle. No way does he get the nod over Thomas who is a Pro Bowler. I just can't put McNabb there due to the missed games and the relatively strong performance by Collins this year. I did almost have Whittle there instead of Welborne.

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the problem I guess is that many of the top players play the same position. No division in football has as much depth and quality at CB (except maybe the AFC East), and between the Eagles and Skins alone there are 4 top tackles. Also injuries are a factor, Larry Allen would make that interior OLine look much better. But Tiki Barber as the top RB? I like Tiki a lot, I have since his Virginia days, but it speaks more to the lack of skill position talent than it does the offensive prowess of the NYG that Art has 4 G-Men filling 5 skill slots, and while I think Gardner has a bright future, he shouldn't be on anyone's all anything list yet...unless maybe a 2003 All-Breakout candidate list.

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Gardner was 22nd in the league in total rec yards, and tied for 9th in rec TD's, all behind sporadic QB play. Already, in his second year, Gardner is an average #1 NFL receiver. With consistent QB play, and offseason progress, I'm willing to bet Gardner will become a top 5 posession receiver in this league. No, he's not glamourous, but he gets the job done.

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Gardner was the second best receiver in the division this year so, in terms of being all something, he fits :0.

As for Barber, what more do you want? He was the best running back in the NFC whether we think he's any good or not. At least he was the best runner in terms of production. He was a yard short on total rushing yards and he was a great pass catcher too. I'm not saying Tiki is an elite player, but he was the best running back in the NFC this year pretty much.

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All right, I'm lazy, but are the centers for the Giants and Eagles really worse than Larry Moore? Moore is very marginal and to me is better used as a swing backup playing center and guard.

At WR, Gardner may be #2 in the division statistically, but that's a pretty good statement about the weakness of WRs in this division. Also, Joey Galloway is a punk, but might be a better receiver at this point in Gardner's development. Too bad for him that he played for the Cowboys the past couple of years.

Gardner made big strides this year and shut me up about his rookie troubles, but he still disappears for periods and has a knack for bouncing Ramsey's passes into defenders for INTs. One way or another, we won't be watching that for too much longer.

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