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Vince Young gets injured tomorrow..could it happen? Madden Curse???


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Here's to a hard-fought, competitive game tonight, with no injuries on EITHER side.


Agreed! I hate seeing injuries. It sucks for everyone! However, I do beleive in the Madden curse. It is real. Obviously LT beleives in it too. Afterall, he turned down the offer to be on the cover.

I agree with one other poster above, in that if he does stay healthy, he is going to have a horrible season. He has lost too many weapons and he is going to try and do too much. I don't understand what the Titans were thinking this offseason. They needed to surround him with high quality players, and I don't think they did that.

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What if on the opening drive of the Titans preseason Vince tears his acl and gets hurt for the year justifying the madden curse for another year?

%'s this actually happens - i say about 5% but its a curse thats been occuring every year so i could be wrong..

Bad Karma to discuss this.

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I dont want vince to go down, he is fun to watch, and i want to see how well he performs with so little around him.

Also I plan on heading into the season with Campbell and Vince as my fantasy qbs.

Sure gonna be taking a special interest in tonight's game then, eh? :silly:

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