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I like what the Bucs have done. I don't think they have a snowball's chance in hell of pulling it off, but it's a smart move. You don't give your competitors an edge, and you don't let a guy get away with spitting in your face.

When we released Deion, just to be nice to the Raiders, other teams smartly stomped on that move. This is a business, and they were right to do it.

The Skins look like dupes and Deion comes out smelling like roses ("I sure wish I could have played... I would have led them to the Superbowl... blah blah blah..."). But the Bucs -- who aren't known for tough or smart business decisions -- look like the tough guys in this one.

I'm always happy to see Jerry Jones get screwed. It makes his surgically-repaired face twitch.

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